48 hours in NYC

On top of everything else going on, we went to New York City for the weekend for a family gathering. It was a very quick trip! We did a few things between family events.

We were a block off Central Park on the Upper West Side.We woke up to light snow on Saturday morning, but not enough to keep us from a walk. The sidewalks and paths were clear, so off we went!

If you don’t have a back yard, this *is* your back yard! I really wanted to build a snowman after seeing all the frolicking.

So my sister-in-law and I went back in the afternoon and created Diana, named after the nearby playground.

I also stopped in at Knitty City, hoping that Nancy Ricci would be there. She worked at Close Knit when she lived in Portland.

We had a quick, great catch up. The shop is lovely, with a nice selection of yarns from all over, including this home favorite of mine.

I had a nice chat with owner Pearl Chin, too. And I had to bring a few things home, including these.

I love this pin; I’ve seen this on T-shirts but I don’t wear T’s very often. This pin can go everywhere. Perfect!

On Sunday, DH wanted to do something we could only do in NYC, so we went to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

Trying To Remember the Color of the Sky on That September Morning

It was very moving, and overwhelming. I didn’t take many pictures, but wanted to remember this memorial wall.

We came home Sunday night. Back to knitting!

I’m getting ready for the Rose City Yarn Crawl. I’ll be at For Yarn’s Sake on Thursday March 7 with a trunk show featuring me, Lorajean Kelley of Knitted Wit, and designers Shannon Squire and Debbie Stone. You can see our Glow Up Knitted Wit samples in person. Come say hi!

7 responses to “48 hours in NYC

  1. I love it when you pop over to NYC and I love that you, a Portlander, have helped your NYC Hub become a Portlander. And speaking of spreading the Portland love, I met Nancy on a visit to KnittyCity with the Traveling Ewe. That is my favorite NYC Knit shop with apologies to Purl Soho where other former Oregonians work and make it still a nice place but ( sigh) second to KnittyCity. I’ll be back to NYC in April for theater and yarn shopping but meanwhile..see you at RC Yarn Crawl this weekend

    • I guess we’re bi-coastal! That was a very quick hop for us. But I knew I had to go to Knitty City; it’ was so close to where we were staying, and a great chance to see Nancy! Someday I’ll make it to Purl Soho, too.

      I’m at For Yarn’s Sake on Thursday; hope to see you there!


  2. Fun! Love your snow lady!

  3. Looks like a great trip! Love your snow lady, and thanks for the virtual trip to Knitty City 🙂