Missing our Yadi

We lost our Yadi last week after a brief but devastating illness. He was two (two and a half?) years old. He came into our life last summer, July 25, 2018, from Purringtons Cat Lounge.

We got him as a companion for Biscuit. They got along famously, almost always in each other’s orbit.

Bisquee was teaching him to be a blocking supervisor.

He could also supervise knit design work on his own.

He loved denuding tinsel balls, and wandering around with them, sounding like Chewbacca.

He loved getting up on the kitchen counters, so we never left anything out. He still had to check to make sure, though. And he was Naughty Yadi at Piano and Pinot last summer, craving those lemon bars.

I finally gave him his own Instagram account, @yadiyadayada in January, after having him share Biscuit’s account, @thebiscuitreport.

We all miss him terribly. He was sweet (Captain Cuddles) and funny (Naughty Yadi) and a great friend for Biscuit. Seven months is a short time to have a cat, but long enough for them to capture your heart.

11 responses to “Missing our Yadi

  1. Jacqueline Lydston

    I’m still so sorry he’s gone. He was a majestic kitty and clearly a character. Cats and kidneys are terrible – I lost my sweet Ezra many years ago from kidney issues. Yadi was a well-loved cat, for sure and I’ll bet he’s in kitty heaven right now telling all the other cats about this amazing knitting thing that humans do with string.

  2. Deborah Gudger

    Such heartbreaking news, Michele. I’m so sorry. They leave such a big hole in our lives after bringing us so much joy.
    Sending you hugs

  3. So very sorry for your loss! What a special kitty Yadi was.
    They sure steal our hearts and never let go. May you be comforted by the joy he gave you while he was with you. He had a wonderful home with you and Bisquit.

  4. So very sorry for your loss. They are so much a part of us.

  5. Yvonne Cutright

    I totally understand how you’re feeling. Cats are wonderful companions in so many ways. This is a wonderful sharing of his story – thank you for doing that.


  6. Yadi was indeed a special cat. I’m sorry for your loss – the house must feel empty now.

  7. Leslie Fischgrund

    So sorry for the loss of your fur baby, Yadi.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear this. I know how hard it is to lose furry family. It doesn’t matter how long you have them – they worm their way into your heart on day one!

  9. Terri Mountjoy-Pepka

    How devastating. What a loss 😦

  10. This was a lovely tribute to a lovely cat. I’m sorry for your loss, and Biscuit’s loss as well.

  11. So sorry for your loss! He sounds and looks like such a sweet, funny cat!