Snow Day, Snow Sale

Still snowy here in PDX. Ordinarily we don’t get much snow, and when we do get some, it usually gets covered by freezing rain. Not this time! We can actually play in it and with it for a few days.

Snowy Biscuit

Biscuit is wondering what the heck happened to her landscape. Why is everything white?

Snow Day Sale

To celebrate the snowy wonderland, I’m having a sale with all my patterns that include the word “snow.” All of these are 20% off through January 16, 2017 with coupon code SNOWDAY. Snowy Woods Cowl, Snowy Woods Hat, Snow Woods Log Cabin Blocks, and Snowflake Chriatmas Stocking. The hat is especially quick knitting, and you could be wearing one by tomorrow. Get your knit on!

Fibonacci and Fan collage

Fibonacci and Fan is still on launch sale 10% off, no coupon, or 20% off with newsletter subscribers’ coupon, through January 23. I used Knitted Wit Victory Sock in Cedar and *Snowy* Cedar, more snow! And there’s a chance for you to win some Snowy yarn, see previous post. It’s quite the snowy week around here.

A few more snowy pictures…

PDX Bike

Snowy tree

Snowy trees

6 responses to “Snow Day, Snow Sale

  1. I had this crazy idea of making the Snowy Woods Log Cabin block into a dishcloth! Could the pattern be made using cotton yarn, so that it could be a dishcloth?

    • Absolutely yes; you are the boss of your knitting! You can choose to just make the center block, or go for the whole thing and have the log cabin outsides, which might make for a pretty large dishcloth…


  2. I can’t say as I like to be cold, but the snow sure is pretty and I wouldn’t mind seeing snow again. It’s been 32 years since I’ve seen snow in person. LOL

  3. I LOVE all your snow pics. I have to admit to loving all the snow. For me it hasn’t been that inconvenient, and the sunshine and the sparkly snow is just wonderful. I’ll change my tune come the slushy muddy mess, but for now, I love it!

  4. It sounds like the freezing rain is coming tomorrow. 😦