New: Fibonacci and Fan Shawl, yarn giveaway

It’s a snow day here…time to knit! It started snowing last night and we’ve got about 10 inches of snow at my house.

Snowy Tree

I loved knitting my Ships in the Night shawl, but as I was finishing it, I thought: What if I arranged the Fibonacci stripes differently? Once the idea was in my head, I had to find out.

Fibonacci and Fan

And I love it! More geeky numbers! This time, the stripes grow at the same rate, and look like ripples in a pool of water.

Fibonacci and Fan is my new top down crescent shawl. It features garter stitch stripes in an increasing Fibonacci sequence, and ends with a scalloped Old Shale lace edging, which is sometimes called Feather and Fan. The knitting is simple and very zen. I knit mine with two coordinating skeins of Knitted Wit’s Victory Sock yarn in Cedar and Snowy Cedar. Two skeins of 4 ounce/420 yard fingering weight yarn will get you on your way.

Like its sister shawl, Ships in the Night, Fibonacci and Fan is fun to wear. Worn on the shoulders, the ends hang down nearly to my knees. It’s like a great big garter stitch hug.

Fibonacci and Fan 2

Worn scarf style, it feels luxuriantly engulfing. Ella is much taller than I am, so it’s not quite as engulfing on her. Your mileage may vary. You can also wear it bandanna style, with both ends hanging in front.

To make this launch even more fun, Lorajean Kelley of Knitted Wit is offering 2 coordinating skeins of yarn to one lucky winner, in the winner’s choice of color plus the “snowy” version of that color. Leave a comment by January 18 telling me which color calls your name, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for the yarn. These are the snowy colors:

Snowy Colors

It’s hard to tell on these little cards, but you can get a better idea of the snowy colors by looking at the Snowy Hat collection on Ravelry that we did in 2015. (The pictures are not mine, so I’m not posting them here.)

I can’t give yarn to everybody, but the pattern is available through Ravelry, and is 10% off through January 23, no coupon code required. If you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, you’ll have a coupon code in the next newsletter for 20% off. Not a subscriber but want to be? Add that to your comment and I’ll get you signed up.

Talk to me! I’m snowed in and waiting to hear from you. So is Biscuit. She’s not impressed with snow, or the snowman I brought her.

62 responses to “New: Fibonacci and Fan Shawl, yarn giveaway

  1. Fun!!! I’m thinking the Iris… or… Cedar – ok I’m terrible at choosing from pictures. Love the new experiment in stripes. I’ve been thinking of a mashup of a cape pattern I have and your stripe sequence. So much knitting fun and not nearly enough snow days. 🙂

  2. Chris Schwenk

    I would use Lump of Coal! Stuck at home in my PJ’s knitting! I don’t like the snow much but love snow days to knit! Almost done with a scarf done with pattern Reyna. Would love a new project!

  3. winterberry has my name on it! they are all beautiful!!!

  4. it is hard to choose between the lovely colors.
    but lump of coal would describe perfectly what I got for X-mas(as in nada)
    but I also love alpine iris.

  5. #BiscuitIsNotImpressed Perhaps she’s Frances’ cousin. LOL

  6. Crochetwithbeads

    So pretty. But Frozen is the best color for winter and summer actually. Turquoise and those colors are so derful healing colors.

  7. Frozen is very apt!

  8. Paula Johnson

    Tinsel and Alpine Iris I think. The snow hasn’t really stopped here in Central Oregon. I’m thinking of hibernating. Schools and business closed all,over the place. However I do have knitting, heat, and lights, so,it’s all good. Stay warm.

  9. Very nice shawl !…..I like the color “Frozen.”

  10. Winterberry calls my name and I need a new comfort shawl for the days when I don’t want to turn up the heat!

  11. Chelsea Fuller

    I am so in love with the frozen colorway. And this shawl just speaks to me. I love the ripple effect.

  12. Sixth day off school and I am so antsy I am grading papers. I just came in from walking my dog and I feel invigorated. The brightness of Winterberry invigorates me, too! I love it.

  13. This looks like great fun. Winterberry calls my name. Thanks for the pattern discount.

  14. When in a quandary as to what color to choose, I inevitably decide by its name. Such wonderful names are chosen for colors these days making decisions more challenging. That being said Tinsel would have to be my choice. Such wonderful memories are evoked from its name. I well remember opening a new box of shiny strands of tinsel to garnish the Christmas tree each year.

  15. I think it has to be Snowy Cedar. I’m a redhead and love green! Though Snowy Woods (Robert Frost) and Lump of Coal (love the name) are also tempting. But no. I’m a Snowy Cedar kinda gal.

  16. Karen Merrill

    I’ve made Fibonacci items before. I love this and will have to buy the pattern tonight.

  17. Deborah D Jones

    Oh, Alpine Iris! I love the color and I love the name. And yes, please subscribe me to your newsletter! Thanks for all the wonderful patterns and blog posts!

  18. Oh I love tinsel – shine!

  19. I love “snowy woods”! We have a tree-filled ravine behind our house, currently covered with snow, so it fits 🙂

  20. luving the Alpine Iris! Wish we had snow here in Chimacum.

  21. Frozen looks like my color!
    Not sure if I’m on your mailing list yet…

  22. Judith Muldoon

    “Lump of Coal” is not what Santa left me, but would be my choice for Snowy Color. Headed to my second email to get % and buy pattern. The math teacher in me loves the sequencing and can’t resist adding it to my ever growing collection of ‘scarves to make’.

  23. I love the contrast in Lump of Coal. Beautiful shawl!

  24. The Winterberry and the Lump of Coal are especially nice. Really beautiful shawl! Would like to get on your newletter. We are snowed in here in Lake Oswego!

  25. Leslie A Fritz

    Snowy cedar for me. And you Portlanders don’t know what snowed in is. I live south of La Pine (south of Bend) and we have over 3 feet of compressed snow on the ground. Soon, my longhaired dachshund will be able to walk over his fence! Fortunately, he loves snow and frequently rolls in it. 🙂

  26. I love the snowy woods color!

  27. Christine Nordell

    I like the winterberry. Thank you so much for the pattern and yarn give away

  28. Another beautiful shawl design. I love the feather and fan edge.

  29. Great shawl pattern! I love the pops of red in Winterberry. Such an antidote to the gray, bleh weather we’ve been having in Vermont so far this winter. It feels like forever since we had a snow day that didn’t peter out before barely reaching the low end of the predicted snowfall.

  30. I think I’d have to go with Snowy Cedar! Beautiful shawl! Beautiful kitty!

  31. I love the shawl and the use of Fibonacci. We have a “cabin” in the woods, so I identify with “Snowy Woods”.

    And thank you for the contest to brighten January.

  32. The shawl is gorgeous! I’m glad you tried a different sequence, the shawl adds some lovely sophistication ❤ I'd love to win Alpine Iris.

  33. Beautiful pattern. It is hard to choose a favorite but lump of coal calls to me.

  34. I love this shawl! Lump of coal is my pick. Subtle, and goes with everything!!

  35. Frozen, of course. Never met a teal/turquoise/blue-green I didn’t like.

  36. I have a hard time telling from the picture, but I love the Frozen blue color! Beautiful shawl!

  37. Thank you for the opportunity! It’s a lovely pattern. It would be snowy woods for me.

  38. How pretty!. I like Snowy Woods!.

  39. I love winterberry or tinsel.

  40. The shawl looks great! It looks like the sweet spot between too simple to hold my attention, and so complicated that I need to focus completely or I’m going to mess up. I think I’d choose alpine iris of lump of coal for my color.

  41. Danyelle Nelson

    I love blue, and especially aqua, so Frozen wold be my pick – they are all gorgeous, though!

  42. A beautiful shawl! Snowy Cedar is calling my name.

  43. The snowy woods would be my choice! But they are all beautiful :-). I LOVE Knitted Wit yarn, and your patterns! Everything I have ever knit with either has been amazing.

  44. Gotta be Iris. I am particularly fond of Fibonacci stripes.

  45. Kitten With A Whiplash

    The Snowy Woods are beckoning. Thanks for the giveaway. KittenWhiplash on Ravelry.

  46. Definitely Winterberry. It looks so Cherry – whoops Cheery.

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  48. Love the Winterberry! Berries in snow…sounds good to me.

  49. Megan Pedersen

    Lump of Coal is definitely my favorite. Lovely colorway!

  50. This is gorgeous! I love the Winter Berry and Lump of Coal – not sure which I would pick!

  51. I think I’d choose Lump of Coal. What a pretty shawl!

  52. Im feeling either the cedar or lump of coal! This is a gorgeous pattern!

  53. I think snowy woods is the one calling my name. Our unseasonable weather has provided a lot of snowy everything this winter, and I’m trying to make sure I suitably appreciate it as a rare and magical event 🙂

  54. For me it would definitely be Alpine Iris!

  55. I would most likely choose Alpine Iris, but I do really like the Lumps of Coal.

  56. I love the frozen colorway.

  57. Leann Demeduk

    I love the shawl pattern Michele. I think Frozen is my favorite, but it’s a hard choice!

  58. Snowy Woods. Or maybe Alpine Iris.

  59. Snowy Woods is my favorite – so beautiful!

  60. I think my favorite changes every time I see these. Snowy woods is the favorite today. 🙂