Coming soon, garter stitch zen

Remember this garter stitch “worry bead” knitting?

purple garter crescent

It grew up to be this:

Ships in the Night

The pattern is coming soon; it’s back from the tech editor and is being test knit.

You might remember that it was my zen project when Biscuit/BellaTrix/Bisquee was ill after her adventures in the fireplace. It’s probably the most soothing knit I’ve ever designed. It’s an absolute joy to wear, too. I wore it for the first time on Sunday, because I was worried about kitty again. She was really sick last week, and after three vet visits and worry about lack of appetite, obstructions, pancreatitis, and food alllergies, it turned out to be a UTI, mostly. She’s back to her happy self, and a little more snuggly and a little less naughty. She’s growing up!

But about the shawl: Worn on the shoulders, the ends hang down nearly to my knees. It’s like a great big garter stitch hug. Worn scarf style, it feels luxuriantly engulfing.

Ships in the Night

The stripes are based on the Fibonacci sequence, so there’s a little bit of nerdy fun in there too. The current name is Ships in the Night for the way the stripes glide past each other, but I could also call it BellaTrix for this silly kitty. Even though her name is Biscuit. Pronounced Bisquee. What do you think?

Biscuit BellaTrix

Looking forward to sharing it with you soon!

5 responses to “Coming soon, garter stitch zen

  1. Is that…glitter… on her nose?
    Can’t wait to see the pattern!! That may be the perfect thing for a shawl for a friend. Do you remember if it is fingering weight? Approximate yards for each color?

    • I believe that’s clumping kitty litter on her nose. She’s a weirdo.

      Pattern uses 2 skeins fingering weight yarn, approx 4 ounces/420 yards each. I used Knitted Wit Victory Sock, and loved it. If your skeins are 400 yards, you might be cutting it very close, but it’s all very adaptable. I’ll show you at knit nite!


  2. Beautiful shawl – and what a pretty (silly) little kitty!

  3. It’s beautiful. Love the colors too.