Introducing: Over the Rainbow Cuffs

I had so much fun knitting my new Over the Rainbow Cuffs with these:

Going to the Chapel

Knitted Wit’s Gumballs (fingering weight 45 yard mini skeins) in the Going to the Chapel version of her Resplendent Rainbow theme. I knew I wanted twisty cuffs, and at first they were going to be short, and maybe have a matching hat. But then I decided I wanted longer, more elegant cuffs, and from there it was a slog of deciding how many stitches and how many rows to make the pattern repeat do what I wanted. I only started these four times. Or five. Or six. It’s a blur.

Over the Rainbow Cuffs

Have you ever noticed that a double rainbow reverses the order of color between the rainbows? Purple at the very top and the very bottom, red in the middle. When I decided I wanted longer cuffs, that meant a double rainbow. I had to rip out the original red beginning because it needed to be purple! Roy G Biv would have given me the wrong order. (Yes, these are things I think about.)

Double Rainbow Kona

These were a fun quick knit, once I figured out the double rainbow color sequencing and the row height. I like that these are longer than my usual cuffs. More rainbow fun! They’re fingering weight yarn, so they’re just right for transitional spring/fall wear.

These are a pretty quick project; I knit them on my trip to Santa Barbara.

Carpinteria fog

This cast on was the last, and it was the winner! Even if it was full of sunscreen.

OTR modeled rectangle

It’s not easy to take a picture of your own hands! This required a tripod, camera with timer and near field wi-fi, iPad to remote control the camera. I’m behind the tripod, weaving my arms through the legs. The things I do, for the love of knitting.

The pattern is available through Ravelry downloads here. Use coupon code RAINBOW for 20% off the $5 price, through May 8, 2016. Have fun!

5 responses to “Introducing: Over the Rainbow Cuffs

  1. Very cute!

  2. Beautifully done! I love the double rainbow and the colors are perfect!

  3. knittedblissjc

    those are so beautiful, and what a great idea for the mini skeins!! Love these.

  4. Wait, you’ve cats at home and keep yarn around at all times. Yikes! When I had two, one would start slamming the kitchen cabinet 500 times in the middle of the night so I’d come downstairs and make him breakfast. I had no balls of yarn. Then all 14 lbs. of him would march upstairs and sit on my bladder so there was no recourse except to get up. Oh and yes, same eye, lots of bleeding, biopsy in progress and follow-up visit next week. C’est la vie. Keep knitting and hanging with those Day Old Pastries!