Introducing Trellis Vines; Aura e-book giveaway

I’ve been dying to wear this new piece for the last six months, but I had to wait until it was published last week. This is my Trellis Vines Stole and Poncho.

Trellis Vines Stole

It’s a long rectangle of lacy loveliness. You may recognize the lace pattern from my Beanstalk Scarf and Mitts, and also from my Beanstalk Poncho.

Trellis Vines detail

When I fall in love with a stitch pattern, I tend to use it in several designs before moving on. In this case, I’ve used it as an allover pattern, rather than as a single beanstalk. It’s more work for the knitter, but I think it’s worth it.
Trellis Vines Stole

It makes the piece wearable as a stole, where a single beanstalk would look lonely. It also makes the hemline scallop!

Trellis Vines Poncho

And you know I love a rectangular poncho worn on the diagonal. Tilt Shift, Summertime Blues, Beanstalk Poncho. I have five ponchos in my wardrobe right now. This one is probably my last for a while. At some point, ponchos won’t be as fashion-forward as they are currently. I wanted this piece to be wearable long beyond, so I’ve designed it so that it can be laced up with ribbon for a poncho, or no ribbon for a stole. Covering my bases; I’m bi-wraptual!

Trellis Vines is knit with Knit Picks Galileo, a sport/dk weight 50/50 Merino wool/bamboo blend. The bamboo gives it a swingy drape and lovely sheen.

Trellis Vines is in the new Knit Picks Spring 2016 Collection, Aura, which is available as a hard copy book or an e-book. Here’s the Ravelry link to all the designs. Trellis Vines is also available as an individual download from Knit Picks.

I’m giving away a pdf copy of the Aura e-book. Leave a comment and let me know how you’d wear Trellis Vines. Stole? Poncho? Both? What makes your heart go pitty-pat? I’ll pick a winner on Saturday, April 2.

Trellis Vines Stole

32 responses to “Introducing Trellis Vines; Aura e-book giveaway

  1. The poncho idea looks so pretty. But I’d love to try it all different ways. 🙂

  2. Poncho! Love it

  3. No idea which way to wear it, but the pattern is GORGEOUS!

  4. Leslie Fritz

    I would wear it a variety of ways, depending mostly on what I’m wearing under it. Probably most often as a poncho–I like the flexibility of the ribbon lace up.

  5. I have loved looking at your ponchos and thought of making one, but had the same idea that it would maybe not be as versatile a piece in my wardrobe. Trellis Vines worn as a poncho would be perfect, with the option to remove the lacing when ready to move to a different look.

  6. I haven’t worn a poncho in years – so it’ll be a stole for me!

  7. I love it as a stole or blanket scarf. Looks SO cozy!

  8. Poncho–I like the shape it makes and the fact that it will stay in place on its own.

  9. Definitely as a stole, but I like the versatility.

  10. Both! I love the versatility! Its a beautiful pattern and will be in my list to make. Congrats on being in Knit Picks just saw it today in the new catalog.

  11. Too hard to decide, so both! The texture is beautiful & I bet interesting to knit.

  12. Just love it: striking purple in the Oregon rain forest. Your model’s smile adds a touch of the pride you speak of in designing it. Well done.

  13. I love this wrap as an elegant stole but I fancy being a bit more daring and lacing it up!

  14. sherrybakerbrio625341616

    I’ll definitely wear it as a stole — maybe make it in several bold colors, like your gorgeous purple! Beautiful!

  15. I love it as a stole!

  16. Definitely as a stole. I am just not a fan of pulling things over my head, and I often need the extra ventilation of something that opens (think cardigan not pullover). Having said all that, I am a fan of anything with a knitted leafy pattern. I love it!

  17. Both, until I got too hot or dragged the end through the gravy, then I’d give it to one of my sisters.

  18. I love this! I would wear it both ways. In cooler weather I would wear it as a poncho.

  19. I never thought I’d say this about a stole, but I really love the look of this pattern. It’d be like wearing a rainforest – I think it’s beautiful and the vine pattern would definitely be lonely as a single stripe. So… I’d have to wear it wrapped around my shoulders at the camp fire whilst making dampers! Bit odd perhaps, but it looks to me like it needs to be worn under the night sky 🙂

  20. Stole definitely as a stole, love the poncho but I’m more of a stole type yeah that is it I’m more of a stole girl😬😄🤔

  21. I love the poncho look! What a great ebook to be in, those sweaters are darling!

  22. Beautiful new patterns Michelle! Great job! Jackie Northwest Wools

  23. I am a sucker for deep purple in anything, but certain things really make it look good, and THAT makes it look fabulous. I’m way more about wearing something like that like a snuggly blanket-like wrap – around my shoulders and upper arms, with my (usually always cold) hands and forearms happily tucked up under. That looks totally cozy on top of already being a gorgeous knit that looks a lot of fun to stitch.

  24. i like the chanteuse dress.

  25. I would wear this both ways. in the morning I would wear it as a poncho leaving my arms and hands free as I pick kale and herbs to add to my morning eggs. and as a shawl draped over my shoulders and neck in the evening when the cool air sweeps down the valley towards our cabin.
    I am thinking I would make it in the gray/blue color that I get when I dye with black hollyhock blossoms.

  26. I would probably wear it most as a stole, but I love that it can easily be turned into a poncho! I like to have options 🙂

  27. Love the pattern! That really is a great motif. I’d say I would probably wear it both ways, since that’s what I’ve done with the tilt shift poncho that I made convertible with buttons. But if I’m being completely honest, I think I use that one more often as poncho than a stole: it’s just so nice not to have it falling off my shoulders.

  28. Juanita Proctor

    As always, a lovely design! I always enjoy following your work. 🙂 The versatility of this piece is brilliant–I like ponchos, but don’t want to invest all that time in something that will become passe’. The ribbon lacing is a fabulous idea! And the overall pattern is so beautiful–the lace work keep is light and open, and the leaves give it substance. (And I love anything with leaves!) Thank you for keeping us happily knitting. 🙂

  29. As a stole looks great! But the poncho is also so appealing! I do not normally use ponchos because I always need to wear a coat over them and that makes it difficult, but I love to feel them around me when I am cold without having to be worried that it keeps slipping from my shoulders.
    So, maybe a poncho yes!!
    Lovely pattern, congratulations!

  30. Leslie Ross

    I absolutely love the wrap! BUT, I love that you made this adaptable to be used either way! That’s so clever!

  31. What a lovely pattern! I’m not as sure about the poncho, but this might be perfect for my sister. It shows off galileo the best I’ve seen…