Lobelia shawlette pattern and yarn giveaway

Thanks for the warm welcome for Lobelia! I love this shawl and shawlette, and I’d like to share the love.

pdxknitterati lobelia shawlette

lobelia shine tugboat

As you can see, Lobelia looks great in both gradients and semi-solids. I have these two lovely semi-solids from Knitted Wit from my stash. Both are 4 ounce skeins of fingering weight 100% superwash merino. I’m not sure of the yardage, but I’m guessing that there is at least 437 yards in each skein (label is for 100 yards, but these are heavier than that).

knitted wit superwash merino fingering

Sooooo, the giveaway. One skein of yarn in the color of your choice, plus a pdf download of either Lobelia, or one of my other single skein shawl/shawlette patterns. Which color speaks to you? Mint Mojito? Or the purple, whose name I’ve forgotten? Huckleberry, maybe? Which pattern? Leave a comment and let me know which color/pattern combo is calling your name!

To make this easier, here are links to my single skein shawls/shawlettes. You can also click their names on the sidebar.

Lobelia (bottom up crescent)
https://pdxknitterati.com/patterns/garland-shawl/ (sideways)
Webfoot (bottom up crescent)
Filigree (bottom up crescent)
Ooh La Lace (botom up crescent)
Fern Lace (sideways)
Zen Rain (top down, wide, shallow, fun!)
Pacific (top down extended wingspan triangle)

I’ll choose a winner at random for each color on Monday, November 9. Remember, you need to name both a color and a pattern for your entry to be valid. Have fun and good luck! And remember: The Lobelia pattern is still on sale for 20% off with coupon code GRADIENT through Sunday, Nov. 8.

ETA: Winners posted! Congrats to Noreen and Emme.

47 responses to “Lobelia shawlette pattern and yarn giveaway

  1. Lobelia for sure, and that purple is to die for!!! Pick me Pick me!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Hm, have to go with the purple colourway and your Zen Rain pattern.

  3. Exactly as the comment before mine–Zen Rain in the purple colour.

  4. Garland in the green please!
    lindarumsey on Ravelry

  5. I’ve always love the sideways fern shawlette (ans Sohpies Rose)
    I love that minty mojitoy green!
    Also, i tagged a friend on Insta!

  6. I would love to knit your garland shawl in that Mojito Mint yarn. 🙂

  7. The Webfoot shawl is awesome. And I think it would look lovely in purple…

  8. Definitely lobelia in that beautiful mojito skein!

  9. Christine Paulsen

    Lobelia in Huckleberry would be lovely

  10. Linda Shields

    I’d go for Pacific in the purple/blue. Thanks for the generous offer.

  11. I love that purple, and the filigree shawl pattern! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  12. That is a lovely shawl, Lobelia. I’ll go for the green skein.

  13. How about Huckleberry with the Garland Shawl? So hard to choose!

  14. Lobelia in Huckleberry would be beautiful. Thank you for a chance to win.

  15. Marion O'Brien

    Lovely! I’d definitely go with Lobelia in the green. (Lobelia should logically be the Huckleberry, but I can’t resist a good Mojito!:))

  16. Love both the colors, but the purple seems more wintery to me… so I have to go with the purple yarn and Lobelia.

  17. Love your shawls and would love to make my first shawl with the Lobelia pattern and Minty Mojito yarn.

  18. I can’t resist anything leafy; I would love to knit Fern Lace in Mint Mojito – with Garland as a backup choice. One can never knit enough leaves!

  19. Lobelia in Purple. Love that color!!!

  20. Ohh this is hard because in my eyes purple ALWAYS wins, but i think I would love to knit the Garland Shawl and I think the Mint Mojito would be the best choice for it.

  21. Lobelia pattern and purple yarn. I love so much all your designs!!

  22. garland shawl in the mint mojito already got Lobelia and the perfect gradient just need more time in the day lol massive hugs WoolyTanis on rav

  23. I like the pink and white color combination in the shawl.

  24. Kaleena Berube-Penner

    The purple is calling my name!
    Along with the lobelia pattern.
    It’s a beautiful pattern.

  25. Lobelia with either Mint Mojito or Huckleberry. Lovely pattern and yarn !!

  26. Lobelia and Huckleberry-shades of purple that conjure up a lovely garden!

  27. Zen rain in the purple yarn. I’m signed up for and really looking forward to your photography class at Stash in a week or so!

  28. I so want to pick more than one. I know you said one, but I’m going with two and this is limiting myself. First I’d like to make Garland in the purpley blue. My 2nd choice (A very close second.) I’d like to make Fern Lace in the lovely light green. The only question is should one use light beads or a very dark green.

    • I usually go for unobtrusive but sparkly beads, but Sivia Harding says to use contrasting beads for more pop! It just depends on personal preference. Do you want it to shout or whisper?

      Good luck in the drawing!

  29. I would have to vote for the Garland shawl in Mint Mojito. Green is my favorite color. This would actually be a project I would keep for myself for once! LOL

  30. I love the webfoot pattern, and would love to make it in the gorgeous purple color.

  31. Counterintuitive, but I would love to do the Fern Lace in Huckleberry. Maybe I just have too many green shawls.

  32. I’ve loved Lobelia since the first look. So it would be Lobelia in the purple colorway, Huckelberry??

  33. I’m thinking Pacific is just calling to be knit out of that green!

  34. Gotta go with Lobelia (bottom up crescent) in Huckleberry

  35. Lobelia is gorgeous!! And would look lovely in the Mint!

  36. I love your new pattern, Lobelia Shawl. It’s beautiful. But I also love the
    Ooh La Lace Shawl. Both are lovely and I think either would be stunning knit up in the purple yarn. Keep bringing us more wonderful patrerns😊

  37. Lobelia is lovely but I’ve had my eye on the Fern Lace for some time. Call me an obvious nature girl but mojito green and fern seem a match made in heaven!

  38. I love Pacific and have admired it for quite some time now, and would have to choose mint :-). All your patterns and and both the yarns are lovely!

  39. I love Webfoot and think it would look great in Mint Mojito

  40. The pacific or lobelia, I love them both and I adore the purple

  41. I’d love to knit the Fern Lace shawl in either colour (the purple would look like delphinium), but if I have to choose one I’d pick the green. Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. Margaret Weddell

    Like others, I have to say this is a tough call, but I would go for the Lobelia in the blue-purple which, given the other option is “Mint Mojito,” I would call “Huckleberry Daiquiri.” Thanks for the chance and good luck to all!

  43. I would love to try Lobelia out with the Mint Mojito – I think the edging is so lovely on that & in the mint it would show up so nicely against a dark sweater! Thank you for the opportunity & for designing such lovely patterns!

  44. I’d love to make the Filigree in that purple!