So, so close, yarn chicken!

19 said yes, 19 said no. Ever the optimist, I forged on. And this is how close I got:

pdxknitterati yarn chicken

I made it! With 3 inches to spare. Just enough to sew in the end. It wasn’t really high stakes, because I would have just moved to the next color a little early, but I love a good game of yarn chicken. At least when I WIN.

Speaking of win, I did the random number thingy with the yes voters, and the winner is the 5th yes, Lindarumsey. I’m sending her an email to figure out what to send her, yarn, pattern, or other. Thanks to all for playing, and congrats to Linda!

Congrats also to pdxknitter, who won her own game of yarn chicken with 18 inches to spare. Woot! And sending good vibes to the Yarn Harlot, who is playing a much higher stakes game of yarn chicken

7 responses to “So, so close, yarn chicken!

  1. Woo hoo! Glad you made it. (I have a love/hate relationship with yarn chicken — I love the idea but the stress nearly does me in!)

  2. Yay, Linda. And this was fun… Glad you had (barely) enough! 🙂

  3. Glad you made it. Congrats to Linda Rumsey!!! 🙂 Knit ON fearlessly!

  4. Knew it! Told ya so…

    • Yep! But I ended up ripping it out (after 16 more rows in new color) to add some strategic decreases. No chicken the second time; I knew I’d be knitting fewer stitches than the first!


  5. Yea! You made it. What a good eye you must have. Cheers and hope you enjoyed the 4th. Dee