Tiny harvest is tiny

The blueberry crop is still going strong, despite the best efforts of the birds and squirrels to make me share. The new raspberry plants have given me almost a dozen berries. I wasn’t expecting any this year, so it’s all bonus.

raspberry blueberry

I ate the first raspberries immediately, and then I saw Sue’s raspberry post. Wish I’d seen it earlier. What a great way to make a tiny harvest special! I had to try it. Click the link for her gorgeous photo.

raspberries and chocolate

No, they’re not giant raspberries, but isn’t it cool how close my iPad can get without zooming?

Monday we went for a short hike from the Hoyt Arboretum up to Pittock Mansion. I always think of hiking as something you do elsewhere; it’s so nice to have very local options. This is inside Portland’s city limits.

maidenhair fernMaidenhair fern

buzzWhy hello there! (What kind of flower is this?)


And of course, any outing with Sue, Mimi, and Kelly means food! We had lunch at Pho Tango in Hillsboro. Fabulous!

bun bo hueBun bo Hue

spring roll

I always thought the vegetables were garnish, just eye candy, but Mimi says you eat them wrapped around the spring roll. That makes a spring roll way more interesting.

yucca and coconut

Mimi made dessert. Yucca and shredded coconut tossed with toasted sesame seeds and a bit of sugar and salt. Sounds odd, tastes great!

Summer is in full swing here. It’s supposed to be 100 degrees (fahrenheit) this weekend. Time to water…again.

11 responses to “Tiny harvest is tiny

  1. Horray! And what a fun day! Thanks for the shout out. 🙂

  2. Looks like a great time – I will try the lettuce wrapping technique next time I have spring rolls (I also thought it was just garnish!)

  3. Mmmm…that spring roll looks delicious! Try the raspberries with WHITE chocolate chips — yummy!

    • The whole lunch was delicious! I took home the leftover broth from my bun bo hue, and cooked some ramen in it the next day. The jalapenos made it even hotter! It was beautiful ramen, organic from Whole Paycheck…


  4. Never thought of putting chocolate chips *into* raspberries. I’ll have to try that when my berries come in.

    The flower is some sort of Sea Holly — Wikipedia entry

  5. Your mystery flower is a Sea Holly (Eryngium) .. I had to look it up when I saw some gorgeous ones at the Chihuly Garden in Seattle.

  6. alittleweirdo

    Lovely pics! I’ll have to try Pho Tango sometime, it’s not that far from my house!