The right tools make knitting so much easier

Back from TNNA and working hard! I’ll do the write up in my next post, but for now I’m knitting away on a lace project obsession.

signature vs addi

I started this last fall, and set it aside because of other deadlines. When I picked it up a couple days ago, it was on a set of Addi Turbo needles. I started knitting and felt like I was fighting to make the lace stitches and m1 increases. The tips were just not pointy enough. Let’s look a little closer…

signature vs addi close

You can see that the tips on the Signature needles (blue) are a bit pointier than the Addis (silver). You wouldn’t think it would make that much of a difference, but it does. These are the regular Signature tips, not the stiletto.

I don’t think I would have put up with fighting the lace stitches for thirty 300 stitch rows last fall. I’m guessing I was knitting on the Signatures, and used the Addis as a stitch holder when I switched projects. I have a habit of swapping needles like that, but I should really make a note of it when I do. Last fall was a long time ago, too long ago to remember details.

I’m also noticing that my gauge with the Addis was looser than with the Signatures, even though they’re both metal. I ripped out the 8 rows I knit these past couple days, partly because of gauge, and partly because of a better idea for some math issues.

Now knitting speedily and happily on the Signatures! They’re the right tool for this project for me. But I have a whole arsenal of needles, because it really depends on the yarn and the kind of knitting. It’s good to have choices! Metal, wood, pointy, blunt…

Do you have a variety of needles, or one particular favorite? What works for you?

(PS: Thanks again to Sarah for the lovely Signatures she gave me several years ago!)

11 responses to “The right tools make knitting so much easier

  1. Sue Horlander

    I love the signature needles best of all. I have a variety of needles but my preference is signature. However, I’m doing socks now on wood needles. I like how the yarn grabs the needle. I think the yarn would slip off the signatures.

  2. Interesting. I have only used Addis…haven’t tried Signatures, but now I definitely will!

  3. For socks I’m a big fan of Hiya Hiya. Having the right tools IS important and sometimes it pays to go for the best (Signature).

    I started out on bamboo — don’t know how I did that. I was helping a friend with a problem sock today. She was on bamboo needles and they just felt so floppy!

    I’m a metal head all the way!

    • I used to prefer bamboo needles, until I discovered Lantern Moon ebony. I have a lot of those. But if I have a lot of yarn overs, I prefer Hiya Hiyas. I just bought an interchangeable set at TNNA! Really, it all depends on the project. As you know!


  4. Gorgeous. I can’t knit one or use one but my m-i-l is a seamstress, tailor, artist with quilts et al. She made me a great long jacket that nearly matches the color of this scarf. Also a purse to go with. I’ve never worn it. Now I will. Hope all’s well. I’ll send a photo when I’ve light on my side. Take care, Dee

  5. Slippery metal and pointy as possible. I’m told there are occasions or yarns for which most prefer to use grabbier needles with blunter ends, but I’ve yet to encounter one.

    • Are you a tight knitter? My knitting is generally pretty loose, so sometimes I need a little more grip! I’m really enjoying these Signatures right now, though.


  6. I definitely want to get some signatures one of these days..

  7. Love that shade of blue!

    I’m a loose knitter and love fairly blunt-tipped bamboo needles. I tend to use all my old Clover needles from Joann first, and only use my Addis or Knit Picks Harmony under duress.

    • I’m pretty loose, too, and used to prefer Clover bamboo. Then I got hooked on Lantern Moon ebony needles. I still like them for most things, but not multiple yarn overs (the yo’s don’t want to slip over the join very easily). For that kind of knitting, I like the HiyaHiya stainless, regular or sharp. I only have one set of Signatures, US size 5. They’re a special treat!