Merry Christmas!

My last Christmas stocking made it home in time for the holiday. The red one is the Super Cabled Christmas Stocking in Knit Picks The Big Cozy.

pdxknitterati christmas

We started the day with the (adult) kids, serving up a mimosa brunch with waffle iron hash browns and brisket scrambled eggs (leftover brisket from Tuesday’s end of Hanukkah celebration).

waffle iron hash browns

Prime rib is in the oven, and extended family is due at 5 p.m. Hope you’re having a peaceful day, whether or not you celebrate Christmas! Did you receive any crafty gifts? My friend Carole gave me an Ott light, which will be very helpful for beadwork. It’s going to Crafty Moms weekend with me, for sure.

Merry merry!

6 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. Hope you had a great day of celebration

  2. My dad went to the yarn store and bought me roving. I’m pretty sure my mom usually picks out the yarny stuff for me, but she specifically informed me that Da took care of this purchase completely on his own, and he picked out some gorgeous stuff!

  3. The “waffles” look amazing.

  4. Hope you and your family had a lovely holiday! I’ll have to try making waffle iron hashbrowns!

    • They were fun, and tasty, too! I didn’t read the recipes before; I’d probably just grate potatoes instead of using frozen hash browns next time. The more thawed the potatoes got, the crispier the hash browns came out.