More Christmas stockings

Thanks for sharing your Christmas stocking traditions with me! It sounds like many people use the Christmas stocking to hold off the main event gift opening until after coffee and mimosas civilize us. Very wise.

Christmas stocking by Anne

This is Anne‘s Christmas stocking that she knit for her granddaughter Sophie. Gorgeous! This is Sophie of Sophie’s Rose, the shawl Anne commissioned me to design in her honor. Thanks for sharing your picture, Anne!

I forgot about my other set of Christmas stockings. I wrote this pattern for a class I taught at church. It’s a perfect tiny stocking, complete with heel turn. If you want to learn to knit a sock on dpns, this is a good learning tool. And you only have to make one.

pdxknitterati christmas stocking wreath

But they’re like potato chips, you just want more. The pattern is free, here: Christmas mini-stockings

Speaking of cute and free, I’ve been making more of these.


I gave away last year’s batch, and felt that I needed some more. Free pattern here, Korknisse by Manne. A nice little diversion from some gift knitting…

Are you ready for Christmas, those of you who celebrate? We’re also gearing up for our annual Hanukkah dinner party, which will be on Tuesday. We’ll be lighting ALL the candles. Happy merry GO!

5 responses to “More Christmas stockings

  1. Just adorable! I love those mini stockings on the wreath!

    • Thank you! When the kids were little, I used to put mini candy canes in the stockings, and the neighborhood kids knew that it was ok to take them on their way home from school. I’d refill them every day. I don’t do it any more, because I don’t know the kids!


  2. All ready here! 🙂

    The little Korknisse are adorable!!!

  3. I want Korknisse!! Note to self: must become wine drinker or befriend some..