She Who Watches

Last week, I did a quick camping overnight at Washington’s Maryhill State Park. It’s about 2 hours from home, on the other side of the Cascade Mountains. I drove through that area a couple months ago; you may remember my fascination with wind turbines.


Still fascinated.

Here’s the daylight view, with knitting.


I met up with my friend Vickie so we could visit Tsagaglalal, She Who Watches.


She’s a Native American petroglyph that was etched and painted into the rock perhaps 250 to 300 years ago. She Who Watches is located in what is now Columbia Hills State Park in Washington, and is only viewable through a guided walk with the park.


Along the way, one can also see other pictographs (rock paintings, as opposed to etchings or carvings).

Salmon Shaman

she pano edit

She Who Watches is at the end of this guided walk. Very cool! There are also some petroglyphs that have been relocated to this park from Petroglyph Canyon, which was flooded when the Dalles Dam was built.


You can read more about these petroglyphs and pictographs here.

The knitting? It’s the second knitting of the Lantern Moon Indochine, this time in the color Viridian. This piece is done and blocking. On to the companion piece! All will be revealed, soon.

In other news, the blueberries are early this year! Ripe and ready for picking. I made my first cobbler of the season from my favorite recipe that I’ve been using since 1986. You can find the recipe here.


It was deiicious, as usual. We had it a la mode, in the back yard, as a belated Father’s Day celebration.


What did you knit this weekend? Did you go to Black Sheep Gathering? I’ve never been, but some day…


10 responses to “She Who Watches

  1. I saw She Who Watches several years ago at the park and was knocked out by the beauty and the majesty of this work. So glad you got to see it, and thanks for bringing back the memory!

    • I’ve wanted to see it for a while, and I wasn’t sure if it would be huge or tiny. You know how the Mona Lisa is a much smaller painting than you’d expect? I was afraid I’d be underwhelmed. But it was perfect!


  2. I was taught by my Oregon History fanatical father to appreciate She who Watches from an early age. After all, she represents a matriarchal society. I have several pieces of jewelry depicting her. You gave us a beautiful picture of her. Thank you.

  3. I am SO jealous that you have seen real petroglyphs. That’s on my bucket list!

  4. So interesting! I remember seeing petroglyphs in Hawaii. Wow the blueberry cobbler looks fantastic. I have some on hand but it has been a bit muggy here and I don’t want to turn on the oven.

    • I loved the petroglyphs on the Big Island! I saw them on a trip with friends, but on our family trip we ran out of daylight. Guess that means we’ll have to go back!


  5. Beautiful! I want to see that in person now that I’ve seen it over the Internet 😛