Tauriel by Chic Knits

Edit 3/19/14: We have a winner! See this post for details.

A few weeks ago, Bonne Marie Burns of Chic Knits sent me an email asking if I could suggest someone to help her with a photo shoot the next day, because her usual helper was not available. I told her I could do it, and so I did.

The photo shoot was at Laurelhurst Park, although it could have been anywhere.


This is Tauriel (Ravelry link), a very lovely cardigan. (Photos by Bonne Marie Burns)

Tauriel back

I especially love the cable along the back neckline. And the fact that this is knit seamlessly, so when you’re done knitting, you’re done!

It was a cool, cloudy morning, which made the lighting magical, and it didn’t even rain on us…much. I learned some new tricks about staging and lighting, and got to know Bonne Marie better. A very good morning!

And here’s the fun part: Bonne Marie is giving away a pdf copy of this beautiful pattern through my blog. If you’d like a chance to win this pattern, leave a comment on this post, and let me know your favorite thing about this design. The cables? Neckline? Seamless construction? The chance to feature the perfect button that’s been rolling in your stash? Something else?

I’ll take comments through Monday, March 17, and draw a winner at random on Tuesday. Good luck!

197 responses to “Tauriel by Chic Knits

  1. Oh, as with so many of the Chic Knits patterns, this is just lovely. I remember an old design of Elsebeth Lavold that had cabling around the neck too. I like that!

  2. What a beautiful design. Nice you could help with the photo shoot! I really like the change in stitches at the waistline. Very flattering. And of course, cables are always a good thing.

  3. Very good looking classic cardigan.I particularly like the cable detail on the back yoke.

  4. It is simple, yet elegant. The cables next to the garter border really enhances the beauty of the piece.

  5. This is a gorgeous design in it’s simplicity. Beautiful detailing, and exquisite construction make this a classic. Love the pattern, and yarn colorway too.

  6. Gertrude Girr

    A very classical design with elegance. And it covers your bottom. This cardigan/jacket has it all.

  7. I adore that the cables on the front carry on round the neck. The seamless construction is a bonus!
    lindarumsey on Ravelry

  8. I love the feminine details that aren’t overly fussy. Nice work!

  9. I love Bonne Marie patterns & I’ve already made a couple of them. I love the idea of this one being done/done after bind off & I really love the different incorporation of garter stitch into this pattern.

  10. Gorgeous! I love the cables and the subtle stitch change at the waistline. And I’ll always be partial to Laurelhurst Park. πŸ˜‰

  11. This is exceptional and so trendy! I love it and would adore to knit it

  12. How lovely! I especially live the one piece construction and single button closure

  13. Oh I just love the neckline on this cardigan! And the fact that it’s a cardigan. πŸ™‚

  14. I love the cable neckline. Also, looks so comfortable. I want to wear it right now. Ravelry: Knitgen

  15. I think the fact that this design is seamless attracted me to it. I also love the cabling on the neck πŸ™‚

  16. linda gaylord

    Seamless construction and cables and an awesome button??? What’s not to love??? Totally adore it!!!

  17. Love the cable but really like that it’s knit seamlessly.

  18. Hard to pick only one thing but I gotta say the cables πŸ™‚

  19. I love cabled neckline and seamless construction. Beautiful cardi.

  20. Love this cardigan-classic design without the dowdy. Posing the model near a tree that looks ancient is perfect.

  21. I love that it’s basically a dressed-down, comfy blazer. It looks put together but would be super awesome for throwing on over pajama pants on a lazy Saturday.

  22. I really like the way the knit flows over the hips and is held together by a single button which I do have that is perfect!

  23. This is a beautiful sweater. I love the look of the cable front and back.

  24. Suellen james

    The cables are beautiful and add so much to a simply elegant design.

  25. I love the waistline πŸ˜‰

  26. All of the above AND it’s looks to be flattering on all different sizes; and it’s cozy. It looks hard, and I’d be up for the challenge!

  27. Debbie Miller

    I think the sweater is elegant and has a very flattering fit. I really want to make this one! I suggested this one for my 24-year old to make for her first sweater. One of her goals this year.

  28. I love the lines. I’m a larger size and I think it will be very flattering on a variety of body shapes.

  29. I love the neckline. And the cables. And the seamless construction. Really a beautiful sweater!

  30. I love her patterns and I love seamless construction!

  31. I really love that beautiful neckline!!!

  32. The front looks very classic and elegant. I also like that a part of the back and the sleeves are knitted sideways. That makes it very special. And I prefer that the cardigan is bit longer than usual cardigans.

  33. What a great sweater…..love the pictures you helped to take

  34. Ooh, I think I’d move the bodice/skirt line up a few inches and close it with a Moving Mud shawl closure.

  35. I love those cables down the front! Very nice design, as always!

  36. love the cable at the front edge (and a fan of Bonne Marie’s patterns in general!)

  37. the cable and how it is highlighted on the back

  38. This is a beautiful cardigan. I love the cabling detail. The long vertical line of the cable is slimming. I also admire the change in stitch detail in the back. It seems a simple design and yet there are little elements of design to catch your eye. It’s very elegant. .

  39. Absolutely gorgeous cardigan! Love the cable detail as well as the fitted look. Would love to have this pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  40. I love it! The seamless construction is cool, and I like that it is a fairly simple knit, but still has some design interest details.

  41. Dawn Sharafi

    The cables are very nice–quite Celtic looking. And, if I may say a 2nd thing I like about it, the seamless construction is always a winner!

  42. Mike Gallagher

    It is very elegant without being “fussy”. The cables next to the ribbing are just beautiful. This could be “dressed up” or “dressed down” and would look nice anywhere.

    I am not an advanced knitter and the fact that it is seamless will appeal to many (including me).

    Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 21:45:25 +0000 To: dmgalla49@hotmail.com

  43. Thank you for the giveaway! What I prefer is the cable detail on the back yoke of this beautiful cardigan.

  44. I like the neat line in front; the single button is very sleek!

  45. I like how the side to side construction meets up with the up/down construction on the back. (dayana on Ravelry)

  46. The many, many details that make this classically elegant would be great fun to knit and proudly wear!

  47. Classic and not trendy! Will look good for many years and worth the time to knit.

  48. I love the cables and it looks like a good length. Thanks

  49. Love the cables and would be fun to look for just the right button!

  50. Just look at the cables down the front! And the length is perfect! I love it.

  51. Gorgeous sweater that will look great on anyone! Love the elegant cabling and no seams.

  52. I love the cable around the neck and down the front.

  53. Big fan of Chic Knits – beautiful patterns and this one is so simple, clean and modern. Definitely would use it to make a jacket that I could throw on with casual clothes or with work attire. It would class up a pair of jeans.

  54. I love the cable and that it is seamless. It is beautiful!

  55. Liked immediately: flattering V without belly showing,what with the great one-button closure. My short hair means the cable flow to back will show nicely. Love how the horizontal line in back lends visual shape sans pull-in –very comfy.Bonne’s cardi = (throw on + be comfy)look CHIC.

  56. I love the cables on it – it makes me think of the elves in Lord of the Rings! And it looks so soft and comfortable…

  57. I like the texture of the garter, combined with stockinette.

  58. No seams says it all for me! It’s like gooey chocolate with no calories ;-p

  59. Deb McAlister

    What a classical design that would look great on a woman of any age! The cabling detail is what caught my eye, as well as the front closing. I have just the perfect antique closure for this sweater!

  60. This is one of those sweaters that immediately gets added to my Ravelry queue. Pick just one thing I love though? Impossible! Off the top of my head, I adore the seamless construction (maybe I’ll actually finish it!), and the fact that the suggested yarns are actually in my budget. Very nice casual sweater I can see myself wearing a LOT. Thanks for posting this!

  61. Beverly Frost

    I love how it looks ……and no sewing! Great design!

  62. The front cable AND the length as well as the fact that is surely a well-written pattern if written by the talented Bonne Marie Burns!

  63. Karen Lauterwasser

    What a beautiful go-to sweater this would be! And I am a big fan of seamlessness. I often wish I had a cadre of elves to run in my ends for me!

  64. This pretty design looks like a universally flattering one for any body shape. That I like.

  65. Ever since learning to knit socks in the round, I’ve been busily contriving ways to knit EVERYTHING in the round. This cardi is perfect in every way, from the light, shaped jacket needed for Spring to the lovely design touches to the knitting-in-the-round technique!.

  66. My favorite thing about the design is the designer! I have knitted at least 5 Bonnie Marie patterns and they have all been beautiful, well written, easy to follow and resulted it fabulous knitwear! This sweater has been in my Ravelry queue since I first saw it.

  67. I think the lines are very elegant and like the V neck, too. Looks contemporary and classy.

  68. knitstermama

    Love the deep-v neckline and multi-directional knitting. So flattering.

  69. I love the way the waist nips in.

  70. Oh, definitely the seamless construction, although I am a cable fiend. Must be my Celtic roots!

  71. Connie Portlas

    I love all the Chicknits patterns! I especially like the back on this design!

  72. Lovely sweater, and something that looks very comfortable to wear!

  73. Beautiful design! I especially like the cables running down the front and the deep v-neck.

  74. I love the waist shaping on Tauriel as well as the cable – really quite lovely!

  75. I am intrigued by the sideways construction of the upper body. The shift to the usual direction of knitting at the waist provides a fresh take on waist shaping.

  76. What an absolutely lovely and timeless design. I love seamless design and this one adds cables to a stunning cardigan, perfection.

  77. I’m intrigued by the construction and the flattering fit…..

  78. Debbie Brandis

    I love anything with an interesting back, and this one certainly has it. Also love seamless construction. This looks cozy enough for my Minnesota winters!

  79. Live the csbles and shape. The fact that It’s seamless is the icing on the cake!

  80. janis burden

    I love the cabled collar and the length! Being taller this would be perfect!
    Thank you for this chance!

  81. This is a classic pattern that I would love to have in my library!

  82. Since I am a fan of cables, I will say the cables are what draw me to this cardigan. I also love the simplicity of the style and the longer length.

  83. I love this cardigan! From the cable to the collar to the length.. it’s pretty much perfect!

  84. I love the weight of the yarn (not too heavy; not too light) and I also love what appears to be a bit of versatility in the neckline. Seems like you could wear it up – or fold it over, like a collar. Hope I win the pattern so I can get going on knitting this lovely garment!

  85. I really like the texture, the interesting construction and the use of the continuous cable around the neck, and that it’s a flattering shape that would work well on anyone! I could wear this anywhere.

  86. I really love the hourglass shaping. This type of design looks good on me because I’m top and bottom large! I also love the very aran look. This is one of Bonne’s best!!! Sue

  87. The construction looks really intriguing. Being a teacher and designer myself, I don’t often knit straight from other people’s patterns, but this one I am interested to try. I admit it has me a little mystified as to how it all goes together. Looks very clever! and I am curious!

  88. Hi, Just found your blog through Bonne Marie; thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of Tauriel. I just think it is a lovely cardigan and would love to knit it!

  89. The cables caught my eye first, but I love the seamless construction!

  90. Love everything about this design. Have made several Chic knit sweaters, all fun knits and great designs.

  91. The cables and the clean lines of the design. All of Bonne Marie’s designs are classics.

  92. Love the neckline and the unique knit…very intriguing. Everything about this design screams to be knit

  93. Can I say “all of the above”??? Does that count???

  94. I always love cables and seamless–even better!

  95. I love all of Bonne’s patterns! Always creative …. with a beautiful fit and drape! My favorite thing about this cardigan is the back. Simple, but Chic! It makes you want to follow the design around to the front of the garment for for even more surprises. πŸ™‚

  96. It looks easy to wear and an intriguing construction.

  97. I am anxious to get going on this one. Loved this sweater as soon as I saw it.

  98. I especially love the neckline and that it is a very unique cardigan! It being a seamless construction is an added bonus!
    ‘knittylucia’ on Ravelry

  99. I love the long sleek look of the cables up the front. They make the cardigan look elegant and emphasize a nice lengthening look.

  100. I like the neckline cable too! The best thing about Chic Knit patterns is that they are always well written and they work. Thanks to the chance to win.

  101. There are few cardigans that are not a small gauge knit. This one reminds me of the Cardigans I used to wear but very much more embellished and a bit more substantial.

  102. Sheila Todrank

    Beautiful, classic design! A generational hand-me-down….

  103. I’m a big fan of ChicKnit patterns, and this elegant cabled cardigan would be wonderful to wear anywhere. With our winter fast approaching, I’m keen to get knitting one now

  104. I like the cable details and pockets. Pockets are important!

  105. I like the versatility of the cardigan and how it joins to have a little waist shaping.

  106. I love the cables! They are the spotlight!

  107. What a gorgeous sweater, I love the way the cables just wrap seamlessly around the neck, beautiful.

  108. Margie Watkins

    I love the strong vertical lines provided by the cable, and the judicious use of waist shaping that is not waist cinching.

  109. I Love, Love, Love this sweater. I am think that cable pattern and the waist shaping is lovely and adds so much .

  110. Bonnie Johnson

    Absolutely LOVE the cable down the front and around the neck. And couldn’t have picked a better background for the photos. Portland Magic!!!

  111. So beautiful! I love that the lines are classic and the design intriguing and yet it seems still do-able by a knitter with intermediate skills like me!

  112. I love the one button in the front and I’m already thinking of the perfect yarn and button I have in my stash! I like the interest where the back divides at the waistline by using a different stich. Just enough cables, not too much work πŸ˜‰

  113. I love the simplicity of the cardigan and the elegance of the single cable across the top of the back which makes the cable run from one end of the sweater to the other.

  114. Ilike the long line the cable makes down the front – good visual interest.

  115. I love the cables down the front.

  116. I am a FAN! Yes! to seamless construction; who needs to sew knits?

  117. A beautiful, elegant, understated cardigan. I think it would flatter all body types. I plan to use a neutral colored wool and a great shawl pin in place of the button.

  118. I like the single button closure while still looking like a warm, coat-like sweater.

  119. I love love love everything about the sweater . It is in my que and I want to make it by next fall.

    Kmb34me on Rav πŸ™‚

  120. The waist shaping really appeals to me, and I’ve always been drawn to cables, but having it run around the back of the neck is a great touch!

  121. Bonne Marie’s patterns are always a pleasure to knit, and seamless to boot? I’ll be knitting this one for sure!

  122. Lorraine Gates

    Love the mix here of classic shape with cable and shaping detail to give the chic knits modern vibe to this design. Also, what’s not to love about seamless construction?

  123. I love the name! (Okay, I also love the cabled neckline, and how long it is) but the Tolkien reference drew me in from the start.

  124. I am about to receive the perfect yarn (fought for on Ebay) for this cardigan. It’s a brown tweedy yarn that wants to be knitted up in a perfect cardigan and Tauriel is a lovely candidate. It would be a marriage of lovely yarn with beautiful seamless construction!

  125. Veronica Marie

    Really like the cables along the back of the neck, I also love the Tolkien link, read The Hobbit is 6th grade, way back in the 70’s.

  126. I love everything about this cardigan. The texture, angles in the neckline and cables, the way the cable extends around the back of the neck, the single button closure AND I think it would look great on me!

  127. Mary Anne Doanhue

    What a wonderful way to accent waistline! Between that and the cabling at the back neck…I’m in awe.

  128. I like the longer length, raglan sleeves, and all in one (no seaming!) aspects of this pattern. It also looks both comfortable and instantly classic. Also hoping to win as Monday is my birthday!

  129. Bonnie Marie writes excellent instructions for her beautiful designs. I love the details, the construction is interesting and no finishing-Yes!

  130. Beautiful. Love the cables!

  131. I love everything about this pattern, but my favorite part is that it’s seamless.

  132. Beautiful sweater! Love the cable detail, the two different stitch patterns in the body, AND the fact that it is seamless!

  133. It looks very comfy and cozy. I love cables and these are just the right amount and the defined waistline breaks up the large spanse of stitches. ..and best of all it’s seamless! Thanks for the fun contest.

  134. Love this Cardigan!

  135. kathleen etherington

    I do like the cable along the back neck, but my favorite is probably that it actually has a closure on it. I am puzzled by all the designs that have leave the sides just hanging open. If it’s cold enough to wear a handknit sweater, it’s cold enough to button it up somehow.

  136. I love the length, the styling, v-neck, and cabling. A fine sweater.

  137. I love the cables and the fact it’s seamless πŸ™‚

  138. I love the cables and the fit. It looks very stylish but comfortable.

  139. I’ve had this in my fav list in Rav since it came out. I love it’s simple lines, the cable to accent the neckline & it’s SEAMLESS!

  140. I have a button just waiting for this sweater. Love the cables around the neck, it is simple but very stylish and with no seams.

  141. I love the design of the sweater, but what I really love is that it looks like it would be such an interesting pattern to knit.

  142. nauti40knitter

    I love the cable and front edge. Very classy

  143. I think this would look great on a lot of figures! Very nice!

  144. This has to be the next in my queue! I love the cabling and classic look of this cardigan. A great transitional piece!

  145. It is business enough that I can wear it to work but casual enough the I can feel like me when I do!

  146. Stephanie B.

    I love the construction and the 1-button. For me, cardigans are on and off to fight air conditioning or heat, I don’t love full button cardigans for myself.

  147. I love several things about Tauriel: Its (flattering) length, the flattering hourglass shape, the fact that it’s seamless, and just the right touch of cables (for both the design and the knitter)! It’s a winner (hope I am, too)!

  148. I love the cables! & it looks so warm for those drizzly days Spring, (if it ever gets her in MI), & Fall.

  149. I love the way the cable is continuous, going up, around the back and down the other side. The seamless construction and flattering V-neck make it even better

  150. This is a great design! There are many things I like about it, starting with the overall line and shape. The cable is perfect, as is the delineation of the waist in back where the direction of the stitches changes. It all comes together in a unified whole!

  151. I’m a fan of the cable at the neck. And the very flattering length.

  152. awesome! I like the seamless and HORIZONTAL construction

  153. I love the fact that it is seamless and I love the length.

  154. I like the waist detailing. I’d think of raising that line to sit higher for where my waist is…and possibly adding more fullness to the skirt to cover my generous belly!

  155. I like the shape, e.g. armscye, given that this pattern is knit in a novel way (is knit seamlessly). There seems to have a lot of thought and expertise involved in the design of the pattern.


    Mary W.

  156. I love the length, and I love how Bonne Marie’s patterns wear, I know from experience, they always flatter.

  157. I love the cable around the neck, but what I was attracted to is as soon as I saw the picture I knew it would be a go-to sweater. The one you grab as you go out the door, the one you slip into when you need comfort, the one you pack in your suitcase “just in case”. I just love it!

  158. I love the length of it, it really suits the beautiful cables! Lovely design!!

  159. I love the cosy feeling of this sweater. The seamless construction is a huge bonus too.

  160. Luv the fact that it’s seamless and has cables! Perfect for a newbie knitter like myself.

  161. I like the color and the way the front is fastened. I think it would be flattering on a lot of people.

  162. I love the thoughtful way that this sweater is constructed, with lots to intrigue the knitter along the way, and a lovely, wearable garment at the finish.

  163. Aside from being seamless, this sweater appeals to be as being very wearable and practical for the PNW. Except maybe for July and August. LOL

  164. Beautiful sweater– and no seams. win/win

  165. I love the cables but especially love the seamless design. Fantastic!

  166. Lynne Tilley

    I love the cabling, but the long simple tunic style is so beautiful. I’m in love with this sweater.

  167. So lovely! I love a seamless knit, but I think it’s the cables that really get me. They make the silhouette so perfectly elegant!

  168. The cable at the back of the neck is terrific!

  169. This looks like a gorgeous design that could become an integral part of a wardrobe. Bonne Marie excels at designing classic pieces with a twist and she has hit the mark with this design! Lovely!

  170. Classic design but very stylish. Love the cables.

  171. I love how versatile the design is and I have a fondness for cables, but my favorite thing is the flattering fit and the length. Very nice!

  172. I love the details of this design, the length and the fact it is seamless.

  173. I love everything about the pattern. It looks like a cardigan you would grab whenever you were heading out the door.

  174. This is a fashionable, timeless design with great details. If I don’t win, I will likely purchase this pattern anyway! it’s really great!

  175. I like all of the features…seamless, cable along back of neck, and the way the stitches change at the waist. And like others have said, it looks like a cozy, wearable sweater.

  176. I like how it is simple, yet versatile. I can easily see this as part of a polished look, yet also thrown on with a pair of jeans. Very nice!

  177. I queued this sweater right away. Top down and seamless…. My ideal sweater!

  178. I love the way the cable wraps around the neck.

  179. like the cable wrapping around neck line, I like tweed yarn also

  180. Beautiful classic design with a delightful cable twist.

  181. I Would really like a copy of this. πŸ™‚ So I hope I am lucky. I Love that its classic and stil modern. A pattern that would suit me – and my mother:-)

  182. Willa Slater

    The cable drew my eye but my favourite part is the “seam” at the waistline that provides some subtle shaping. The length is a bonus as well.

  183. Seamless and a great place to show off one of those unique buttons at my favorite LYS. Which yarn to use????

  184. I love the way the cable detailing wraps completely around. This looks like a sweater I could live in. πŸ™‚

  185. Mary K. in Rockport

    Love the waistline and how it forms a sort of “peplum.”

  186. Laurie Cappuccio

    I love EVERYTHING about this pattern – the length, the cables, a seamless knit, and the fact that it could be made longer as more of a coat-jacket. Such a lovely pattern!

  187. I love the cables and how it drapes nicely about the waist. It looks so classic and wearable!

  188. I love everything about it. the cables, seamless the drape. I am even more in love with the name. Did the name by any chance come from The Hobbit:Desolation of Smaug?! She was one kick butt Elf!

  189. NewJerseyLaura

    Lovely sweater and lovely photos πŸ™‚

  190. Love the beautiful line of the sweater, with just a touch of cable. Definitely my style of knitting.

  191. Gail Korhonen

    I love the how the cable carries around to the back and the detail at the waist.

  192. Lynne Phelps

    I love the long line of that wrap around cable, so flattering!

  193. I love the length of this sweater, and I’m a sucker for a one button closure. This is such a flattering sweater!

  194. It’s the 18th – will the announcement for winning reply be posted soon?

  195. I like that it’s seamless. I dread seaming.

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