Free pattern: Bamboo Rib Coffee Cozy

For the past several years, Lorajean (Knitted Wit) and I have been teaming up to donate yarn and patterns to the prize baskets for the Rose City Yarn Crawl. This year, I designed a coffee cup cozy to knit up with her Gobstoppers, mini-skeins of worsted weight yarn.

bamboo rib coffee cozy

You don’t have to win a prize basket to get this pattern. I’m offering it for free. You can download it here: Bamboo Rib Coffee Cozy

You can also download it from Ravelry, if you’d prefer.

bamboo rib cozies 2

One mini skein will make one cozy. These are also a great way to use up leftover worsted weight yarn.

In case you missed last year’s pattern, it’s the Daffy Taffy Twists. These are high fiber, calorie free treats; you can stuff them with fiberfill or catnip or lavender for sachets. This pattern is also free.


The year before we donated hat kits. This Ziggy hat pattern isn’t free, but it’s super cute, and not expensive!

ziggyhat 1

I wonder what we’ll do next year…

3 responses to “Free pattern: Bamboo Rib Coffee Cozy

  1. The colors are just what I need today! The weather had the effrontery to SNOW in Boston this morning.

  2. I have not been able to understand the reason for coffee cozies, including the ones available at Starbucks. Nothing is ever that hot. I guess I have been lucky.

  3. Coffee cozies work on cold drinks as well – a layer between you and the condensation. And if you drink cold things in cold weather, they are even more useful.

    And you must have been lucky so far; I have definitely had drinks in paper cups that were too hot to hold for very long.

    And last but not least, coffee cozies are sort of cute…