Sophie’s Rose is live!

Just a quick placeholder, details later. Sophie’s Rose is live; pattern available soon on Ravelry. (Anne’s having a little technical difficulty getting it to publish, but hopefully today, Saturday.)

Ravelry link

I’m at Madrona, wearing this, so if you’re looking for the pattern, click the link!

sophie's rose

5 responses to “Sophie’s Rose is live!

  1. Can you recommend a pattern for a lightweight lacy easy neck square or shawlette

    This is to replace a Laura Ashley scarf that used to be available and now is not! I am in North east England. But can purchase yarn etc anywhere. Rita of Durham

  2. Debby Carmichael


  3. Lorraine Matasuo

    I was in class with you @ Madrona and I just ordered the yarn for Sophie’s Rose shawl from For Yarn’s Sake. Looking forward to knitting it.