Arm Knitting?

I guess it’s a thing. You use your arms as knitting needles. Really big gauge, suitable for a chunky accessory. Check out the video here, and then let me know if you think it’s worth trying. I’m not convinced yet…

I’m being pretty slow about getting ready for Christmas, but here’s the next little step. This is the poinsettia tree at my church; we’ve been using the frame for the past three years or so. I always help set it up. I think we may need to scoot it back a little bit; the light isn’t falling quite right on it. I’m probably the only person who is that particular about it, though.


You can see the first two advent candle banners on the right side of the picture. When it’s all up, it will look like this.


We made these last year, and I love them. If you want to know more about the technique (salt and dye on silk), you can read about it here. It’s really fun, but you don’t really know how it’s going to turn out until it does. Hard for a control freak like me, but a good lesson in letting go!

Are you knitting/making gifts this year? I have one thing I want to make for a friend, but it won’t get done before Christmas. I’m planning on the box of yarn with a card explaining what it’s going to be method. Have you ever done that? I’m thinking it counts!

13 responses to “Arm Knitting?

  1. I have a hexagon king-size blanket I have been making for ?? years that was hubby’s Christmas present…each year, I wrap it up and give to him on Christmas lol It sure counts. Good thing about this…he does get to use it since it’s modular. Yes. It’s the thought that counts 😀

  2. I love the idea about the yarn in the box with a note. I knit a lot of hats and mitts this year — nothing too challenging!

  3. Synchronicity day! I spent time this morning watching a couple of YouTube videos on arm knitting out of desperation for last minute gifts- my final vote is “no”. I think it looks tacky. That’s just me. But I had to laugh when checking your blog this evening!

  4. I don’t think I’d like arm knitting. I would like a big thick rug someday though. Your decorations are beautiful. I bought my sons girlfriend a kit to teach her to knit.

  5. You should chat with Cindy at Pearl Fiber Arts. She carries a Caress Luxury Yarn that lends itself to this type of knitting. If you love the big bulky yarn but don’t want to do the arm knitting, she also has HUGE needles or crochet hook to work it up.

    **I receive not kickbacks by mentioning this. 😉

  6. I currently have 4 Christmas knitted I.O.U.s and one other gift on the needles. I also have one birthday gift I.O.U. *Sigh* Now I know why I didn’t knit Christmas gifts last year. I keep telling myself I won’t do this again next year. Only time will tell.

    • This is why I don’t do Christmas gift knits! But the box of yarn is a special gift request. My BFF and I were selling Christmas trees together at the church, and she asked for a Pippi hat like mine, someday. I can deal with someday as a timeline!


  7. I think the arm knitting looks a bit silly. It looks ginormous and unwieldy. Why not use a paper towel tube instead? You probably have one and it is free, it`s rather portable, and the end result is a little neater while maintaining some empty space.