What’s your knitting style?

I’m not asking the picker versus thrower question. This is about what kind of knitting you like to do. Do you like crazy complicated patterns that require you to keep track on a chart?

tree back

Or is all garter stitch more your style?

log cabin


Do you like working intarsia with several colors?


Or the rhythm of stranded knitting, just a couple colors at a time?

One color, with a memorizable repeat, and restful purling every other row?

ooh la lace bronze

The thing that got me thinking about this was a good old closet sorting! I found my Enchanted Forest Aran cardigan hiding in the back. I loved making this, and loved wearing it, too. But I can’t imagine being glued to a chart like this again.

tree front

Although sometimes there is allure in a little bit of fussiness.

gromit sun


Most of my knitting these days is design work, and the things I like designing most are the things I like knitting most. Simple accessories, intuitive stitch patterns, things you can knit during knit night or while reading a book or watching a movie. I like multi-tasking!

What do you like?

18 responses to “What’s your knitting style?

  1. Socks! 😉

  2. I love fiddly, complicated designs that keep me glued to my charts, but I also can’t stand to sit still without knitting in my hands. I usually have at least two projects going. One for when I can concentrate, usually a new design-in-work, and one that’s fairly mindless to keep me sane during meetings etc.

    • Two projects is a good way to go! I’m usually that way, too, but lately I’ve had a bunch of sample/design/re-design knitting to do, so I’ve only been doing one project at a time. All of it is memorizable for me (Garland, Filigree, Webfoot) so I haven’t needed a second project. Soon!

  3. Leslie Ross

    I like something that’s a little more complicated – enough to engage my mind while I’m knitting! My favorite is a pattern (like lace or cables) that repeats, so it becomes fairly easy to memorize the repeat or is easy to refer back to earlier repeats to intuit what the pattern is. I’m also a big fan of sock knitting for portable, less fussy knitting!

    • Yes, just a little engagement is nice. I like things that are memorizable/intuitive. But I’m still not a sock knitter! (I can, but I don’t love to knit them with skinny yarn.)

  4. I like cables and interesting details that get me interested, but are also patterned easy enough to keep track of it, while I am doing it and when i come back. I like to juggle several cables. I enjoy small fun pieces, Like above for gifts,,,,,cowls, scarves, hats. I also Love making faroese fitting shawls, although I dont always choose that shape….it is what interests me and keeps me that way that gets Done. I also Adore Sweater, cables for fingering to bulky…..I do enjoy color changes in a easy lace weight garter or STst…..got to have something to break up the Slog….lol I generally dont make anything that has to be VERY Fitted, I like space to move, but Not Oversized either.

  5. I love knitting something with a semi complicated pattern or something simple but with variegated yarn.

  6. I prefer a more simple pattern. While I absolutely love the look and idea of complicated knits, knitting them is not in my near future! The only time I have to knit is mostly while chatting with the husband, so simple repeats are good! Your entrelac fits this category.

  7. The white sweater at the very top, and the adorable mouse in the red sweater–how can we get a hold of those patterns? They are so beautiful and sweet.

  8. Yikes! A busy work at week almost made me miss the June 1 deadline! So glad I decided to read blogs this morning. My order is in!

  9. This definitely changes for me. Last year (and the year previous), I was all about fancy lacy patterns that required me to be paying attention to the charts. Either that or lace that was easily memorizable. Now I”m about simplicity; a panel of lace/cable/texture in stockinette, or a clever play between stockinette and garter.

    • I like having a couple things going; one project for thinking, and one project for knit nite! But I just came off a big jag of sample knitting for reworking some patterns, and I suddenly have NOTHING on the needles. Weird. I’m going to cast on for the Garland KAL next Monday, but what should I do in the meantime? Design a whole new thing? Or knit someone else’s quick little pattern? Hmmmmmm.