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What’s your knitting style?

I’m not asking the picker versus thrower question. This is about what kind of knitting you like to do. Do you like crazy complicated patterns that require you to keep track on a chart?

tree back

Or is all garter stitch more your style?

log cabin


Do you like working intarsia with several colors?


Or the rhythm of stranded knitting, just a couple colors at a time?

One color, with a memorizable repeat, and restful purling every other row?

ooh la lace bronze

The thing that got me thinking about this was a good old closet sorting! I found my Enchanted Forest Aran cardigan hiding in the back. I loved making this, and loved wearing it, too. But I can’t imagine being glued to a chart like this again.

tree front

Although sometimes there is allure in a little bit of fussiness.

gromit sun


Most of my knitting these days is design work, and the things I like designing most are the things I like knitting most. Simple accessories, intuitive stitch patterns, things you can knit during knit night or while reading a book or watching a movie. I like multi-tasking!

What do you like?