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My knit group buddy Cathy put up the knitters’ Bat Signal last week, asking for help on a project. Her young friend Jack, age 9, is in treatment for cancer. His family’s community in Ashland is having a benefit concert, raffle, and silent auction to raise funds to help with his medical expenses. Cathy is knitting hats for the silent auction, and hopes many knitters will knit along.

My friend Trish Dorr was my son Brendan’s all time favorite teacher. I adore her! She has two beautiful children, Jack and Alex. Right now, Jack is fighting cancer and he needs our help. I decided one way to help was to enlist the help of the most generous and loving people I know, knitters!!!! So grab your needles & some yarn and let’s get busy.

Any knit (or crochet) hat is welcome. Cathy has obtained permission from Purl Bee to use their Thank You Hats pattern, if you would like a pattern to follow.

Cathy will take them to Ashland, and Jack’s label (designed by Jack) will be added for Jackapalooza.


Please send your completed hat by April 15 to:
Cathy Woodcock
c/o Lantern Moon
7911 NE 33rd Drive Suite 140
Portland, OR 97211

If you can’t knit a hat, but would like to donate, you can do so here.

We had knit nite here on Monday, and are slowly amassing a pile of hats. Jack’s mom Trish is in town with Jack and she came to knit nite, too. She is a lovely and gracious person, and she is knitting hats, too. Hats knit up very quickly; I’m almost done with my second one. Won’t you join us?


6 responses to “Knitters helping knitters

  1. This is such a sweet project, I’m going to start one right now to send your way.

    • Thank you so much! I know that Trish is very touched by the outpouring of support for her family. Knitters are spreading the love!

      I just checked out your blog, and subscribed via RSS. What will I ever do without Google Reader? :sob:

  2. Should the hats be from the Purl Bee pattern, or are other hat patterns I own an option?

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  4. Hi Cathy. I have two hats for the benefit. I live in SE Portland. Can I drop them off somewhere instead of mail them? I know that mailing deadline is tomorrow…..Jen