CSY Goodness

I caught up with Lorajean of Knitted Wit this week. The last time I saw her, we were in a mad dash to get our Rose City Yarn Crawl project done for the prize baskets. (Don’t forget to get your free copy of my Daffy Taffy Twists pattern!) After we got that done, I went to Hawaii and she went to TNNA. We’re both back now, so I took the opportunity to catch up with her, and I also picked up *two* months worth of CSY:Fingering Edition yarn. Here’s the January skein:


This variegated makes me think of chocolate and berries. I’ll be looking for a stellar stitch pattern that does it justice. The yarn is Corriedale Socked, 75% super wash Corriedale and 25% nylon, 4 ounces/445 yards. Corriedale is a new breed fiber for me; I’m looking forward to knitting with it. Not sure it will be socks, although the yarn feels like it would make a sturdy but soft and long lasting pair.


This blue-green is Cashy Light, a 80/10/10 blend of superwash merino, cashmere,and nylon. It has tons of yardage, 496 yards in 4 ounces. I think it would make a generous one skein shawl. The color reminds me of the ocean, way out in the depths.

I have a lot of knitting lined up for this weekend. I need to finish a design, start a new one, and I still want to knit myself a sweater. Remember that January was supposed to be selfish knitting month? I never got it done, too much work knitting. But last week I bought some clearance yarn at Twisted, worsted in pinot noir, enough for a sweater. I’m thinking it will be Veera Välimäki’s Honey Cardigan. Click the link and tell me what you think! I like that the neckline is less relaxed than on the Tea Leaves Cardigan. I want something top-down so I don’t have to commit to the length until the bitter end. And I decided that I didn’t want the big borders on Serra or Rocky Coast right now.

What are you going to knit this weekend?

5 responses to “CSY Goodness

  1. Love them both! I’m working on my first pair of sock club socks from BMFA and having such a great time with them! Also having a Twitter Knitter meet up with knitters coming from VA, NJ and all over NYC. Gonna be a blast!

  2. Not sure how much knitting will get done this weekend. We are going to St. Augustine to go zip-lining and hiking. IF some knitting gets done, it will be on my Catherine socks.

  3. Oh I have been knitting with knitted wit sock yarn she did for the 2010 Olympics when I was living in Portland- I just can not get into socks enough to finish them! I am partial to the tea leaves cardi, but like a looser neckline.

  4. I think ___ of the month clubs are so interesting – appealing and yet not, having stash come in regularly like that would totally stress me out.

    This weekend I plan on frantically knitting the Baby Bobbi Bear I’m making, I need to send it off by Tuesday. Right now I just have the body and one leg done. Luckily it cannot take more than 2 skeins of BSA cotton so as long as I am diligent I will get it done.

  5. What pretty yarn! It will be great to see what you do with them. I like both sweaters, but I think I like the Honey Cardigan because of the detail on the top.

    I haven’t started my sweater yet. Soon. Soon. I want to finish a scarf first, and I have a sock going.