Just a little organized

I”ve been looking for a way to organize my circular needles. I have two beautiful Lantern Moon silk needle cases, but they’re not enough to hold all of my 30+(!) Lantern Moon ebony circulars, I think because I save the packaging. Why save the packaging? I use my needles so much, the sizes rub off! It’s frustrating to not be able to tell what size I’m plucking out of the needle case, and it’s hard to mark the silk to tell me. These are so lovely, but my needles are always spilling out all over.


When I saw this file organizer, I decided to give it a try.


There are enough pockets inside that I can go from size 3 through 10. Anything larger than 10 goes in with the 10’s, too. It all fits and is quite tidy, and I can tell at a glance which size I’m looking at because of the packaging. Pretty happy over here! I will also admit to having a not quite so pretty accordion file of bamboo circulars, and some dpns over there, too. But for the most part, I use my ebony circulars, and I want to have them easily at hand.


You may suggest that I use a zippered binder full of plastic zip pages, but I’ve tried that, and have too many needles for it, too! How do you store your circulars?

And! Now I have these two lovely silk needle cases that are looking for a new home. If you’d like one, please leave me a comment telling what you’re using now, and why you think the silk case would work better for you. These are too pretty to not be used! I’ll pick a winner on Friday.

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  1. not really organized at the moment. would love this case, especially to take needles with me when i travel. I always have to take several projects, and at least a couple sizes for each project (swatching ahead is still starting, and i like to wait to start vacation knitting.)

  2. Debby Carmichael

    Well, I use ziplock plastic baggies, all numbered for each size, marked with permanent markers. Works pretty well except when I have several out at a time, then have to get out my needle gauge to put them back in the correct baggie. I do use quality baggies, however!

  3. I have a circular needle case similar to yours, but have the same problem as you: too many circulars to fit! I really like your idea of using an accordion file to store them.

  4. Love your idea of this file organizer for circulars, and pretty to boot!. I now have 2 velveteen/suede (?) covers, but I have too many needles (well, never too many), but too many to fit into the pockets and they’re always falling out. And I’m continually having to use the Addi needle gauge to determine size so they get put back in the correct pocket. Very frustrating!

  5. Great idea! I recently did a new year organize…and still my circ’s case can’t fit it all…Off to the office supply store!

  6. I also used the accordion folder for mine in the past when I had a TON of fixed circulars. (Kind of like your system, but not nearly as pretty as your file!) I recently invested in a couple sets of interchangeables (Hiya Hiya and Knitter’s Pride, which I love). I then proceeded to give away most of the fixed needles to the students at the college where I teach. They are all hip and crafty, but poor! I do still have some circulars in the smaller sizes. The accordion file is now just to big to keep the 8-10 needles I still have. The cases you are kindly offering are lovely, and would suit my needs very well. Thanks for your giving them away:)

  7. Right now I have all my needles crammed into a net bag which is driving me nuts! I’d love to win one of those bags. What a generous offer!

  8. I have my needles in one of the canvas hanging organizers in my closet. I like it but it would be nice to have something to keep in the basket next to my chair!

  9. I sewed a needle organizer a year ago, but my needles have since outgrown it. They now sit in chaos in a bag and I would dearly love having a special case just for the circulars.

  10. You’re so smart! I love your fix. Pretty and practical. I’d tell you about my circulars, but it would make you sad.

  11. I am new to knitting and have acquired some circular needles.They now live in a few plastic bags.They look so sad and dowdy languishing in plastic. They would be much happier in silk!

  12. I have started knitting again after a long, long absence, and am buying needles for only the project I am working on. The ones I have are just loose in a drawer, and it would be wonderful to have an elegant silk case for them.

  13. Rainbowscuba on Rav

    I just received my first circular needle case, which is awesome, since I used to store my circs in a plastic container and it was always chaos when I needed one. I got a Delta Q and it is perfect, it even has size markers on each pocket. Now you might ask why I am entering here – the only flaw the Delta Q has is that it only holds circs up to size US 6 and so I still have to use my plastic box for my US 7 and up. One of your beautiful needle cases would give my bigger needles the loving home they should be living in.

  14. My circulars are in separate bags (sorted by length) but not by size. I keep a needle gauge in each bag to help! These cases are really pretty! The file organiser is a really good idea

  15. I use two binder with ziplock bags for each size…sort of works.

  16. kristen butman

    I love the cases, currently all my circulars are hanging off hooks on my wall. I take one down they all fall down 😦

  17. I have no storage at the moment. I am planning on making my own case but of course there;s that time issue. My needles are just laying in a drawer right now along with my crochet hooks. Having trouble fining what I need without going through everything. I do like the idea of the file.

  18. I keep part of my needle collection in a little vinyl project bag and part in a duffle bag. I still have to fish around for the correct size, though, so a case would work so much better!

  19. I would love a new needle case! right now i’m using the plastic container that came with my knit picks needles.

  20. I currently use a zippered pencil case! I sigh every time I start a new project and need to pick through (I do keep the sizes rubber banded together.) I actually think I would start projects sooner with the order of the silk organizers. It would be perfect as I have only been knitting for a couple of years now and don’t have a huge selection.

  21. FlannelJammies

    I’m currently using my desk drawer for mine…and it doesn’t work very well! It takes me forever to find the size I’m looking for!

  22. Roxyrana on RAvelry

    I have a small knitpicks case but more needles and cables than it can hold so the overflow ones live at the bottom of a kntting bag in an unhappy jumble.They’d love a new home.

  23. My needles are so much organized as they are scattered in my knitting supplies bag — and it would be great to have a case for them! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  24. lindaran (on Rav)

    I, too, save the original packaging. Right now I have a small plastic bin that stores most of my circular needles, but it’s not very portable. The Lantern Moon case would be a lot easier to throw in my knitting bag when I’m getting ready to start a new project and haven’t had a chance to check gauge. And, besides, more storage = more needles, right? 🙂

  25. For my fixed circulars, I use a clear plastic box and they’re all tossed in there willy nilly. One of the organizers would be perfect to help get them in order and look downright pretty in the process!!

  26. Sorry… I entered my email incorrectly above. The one associated with this reply is correct. I obviously need to wake up more!!

  27. I’m embarrassed to say I use the flimsy plastic container that my circular needles came in. I also stuff lots of other things in there so finding the right needles is so time consuming that I just get frustrated and wait a day or so until I calm down.

  28. I’m using binder clips that I hang from a slotted shelf. They are currently sorted by length for the most part.

  29. It looks like you have each needle in a separate bag of some sort, in your new case. Do you keep them in the original package, and then put them in the file? I LOVE how you did it! You are the bomb!

  30. Right now… I actually use the curtain in my room for my circulars… I just thread them through the holes and let each end hang on a side (window or room)… I think a case would help me get more organized and make it less “junky” looking 🙂

  31. Honestly, my circs are precariously draped over a jar of DPNs that I keep on my computer table. I should organize them, I know, but…

  32. My needles are in plastic baggies, baskets, and a file drawer. I would love to win a silk needle holder for my most used sizes. The case would look much prettier than a plastic bag.

  33. My circs are in their original packaging, in a cardboard box. I would love to have the needle case to make it easier to transport them.

  34. I have mine all coiled up in a gallon zip lock bag, with some spill-over an end-table drawer. Anything would have to be better than that,right?

  35. I’ve only just started knitting so all my needles are currently still in the packets and all stored together in a fabric bag. It’s not such an issue just now but as my list of projects I want to start is getting ever longer I know it will become more of a problem easily finding what I need. The cases are gorgeous and I’m envious of anyone who wins them.

  36. I’m using a DellaQ case. It’s helpful, but I realize there are certain sizes I have in multiple lengths. The lantern moon cases are lovely, and I’m always looking for ways to get better organized!

  37. knitknucklehead (ravname) wendy

    I haven’t tried the file thing yet. But I’ve tried all sorts of other things. My interchangeables are in a needle roll that I got off of etsy. But I haven’t found one for my circulars yet. At the moment they are all needles down in a mason jar. Not the most effective way but keeps them out of the way when I’m not using them. But I’d really like to find something that I can use to take along with me.

  38. Woolytanis on Rav

    at the moment im using a old sweet tin (Roses one to be exact lol ) Which is not a great way to carry them around or find the one you want , would love to get better organized and be able to find the one size i want with out emptying my whole tin lol

  39. I use a DellaQ organizer with pockets that I converted from folding into being a hanging organizer. I slip the needles through and each end hangs out the sides. I like it because it has pretty fabric, the pockets have pretty labels and they are also pretty narrow, so even my super short circulars work with it. This helps my needle cords stay straighter and not re-coil when stored. Hope all this makes sense….
    strawberrykid on ravelry

  40. I have my circs sitting in a vase. It’s kind of squat …. about 4 inches diameter and the same high so the cables tend to spill out over the top and look messy. I’d love to try a “grown up” organiser … anything should be better than the current situation right?:-)

  41. I have a set of stainless steel 16″ ones in the packages they came in, the bamboo 16″ ones in the mailing envelope they came in-these are totaly unorganized, others in the packages they came in and som not in anything just loose.
    patricialonnie on Rav

  42. I keep my 10″ aluminum straight needles in a tri-fold tapestry needle case and my 10″ straight needles in a cloth tri-fold needle case. My harmony and options interchangeable tips in a DellaQ tri-fold case. My fixed circulars are hung on over a hanger needle case on the inside of a closet door.

  43. Im using a box at the moment 🙂 I would love to put all my dpns in a silk needle case!

  44. Right now I am just using ziploc bags to store my needles and have been searching for a better way! I would love a chance to win a “real” needle holder case and these are just beautiful! Please enter me, thank you!

  45. Wow, they’re beautiful!

    I’m currently using a needle roll which I had have sewn some time ago. Unfortunately, I cannot sew and I really don’t have the time for a new hobby, either, my knitting keeps me busy, you know.

    Well, I love my needle case, but it’s literally bursting…

  46. my needles live in a shoebox, a Pendleton wool zip case (which is not nearly big enough, sorry, and the vinyl zip-closed pouches that the two sets of interchangeables came in. I need to add something beautiful and functional to my organizational tools.

    (I may need counseling. Or, at the very least, someone to organize my needles for me. I’m too busy right now to even knit. 😦 That will have to change, and FAST – my sister just found out baby #2 is arriving in seven months!)

  47. sarah (3trees on Ravelry)

    I also use ziplock baggies, labelled with a sharpie, and hold them all together with a big rubber band. Not pretty, but it works. Your cases are gorgeous!