Nose to the grindstone

January was supposed to be Selfish Knitting Month, but I haven’t started anything for myself. I’m working on a design for Twisted’s Shawlette Club instead. When inspiration strikes, you have to run with it!


I can’t show you what I’m working on, but it is gorgeous and I love it. I even have a name for it. (Sometimes coming up with a name is the hardest part of designing.) The yarn is a luxury fiber from Blissful Knits, and it is decadently wonderful to knit with. How’s that for vague, but enthusiastic? I’m nearly done knitting the prototype, and will be sorry to no longer have this yarn running through my fingers. But you can have it running through your fingers if you sign up for the club! The first club package goes out in March; my design is in the second package, in May. I love sock yarns, but I’m not much of a sock knitter. Shawlettes are a perfect way to use these lovely yarns without knitting socks!

But I do want to knit something for me this month, too. I need a new cardigan. My Central Park Hoodie is pilly and no longer fit to wear in public. Help me decide what to knit next! I want a top-down cardi that I can knit fairly quickly. I’m thinking of DK or worsted weight yarn. Shalom? Tea Leaves? I don’t want anything with a really wide yoke, though. Help!

Have *you* found the perfect selfish knitting project?

10 responses to “Nose to the grindstone

  1. Worsted! Tea Leaves! It’ll be simple, classic and FAST! (Or at least faster than DK.)

  2. Central Park Hoodie is already worn out? It wasn’t that old, was it?

    • It’s pretty pilly! Four years old. It called for an Aran weight yarn, and I used worsted, knit a little more loosely, which I think gave it a greater tendency to pill. But it was fun while it lasted.

  3. Shalom is super quick knit, easy to customize, and very flattering–long or short, with or without sleeves. I love Tea Leaves more just ‘cuz it has “LEAVES.” If you are looking for some more top-down idea, swing over to my friend Vera Sanon

  4. Don’t you have another cardi like Tea Leaves? How about but add sleeves?

    • I don’t have one like Tea Leaves; the closest is the February Lady (which I just realized is lost in my closet somewhere!) or Hey Teach. But I really want to do a top down sweater because I’m so fussy about length, and it’s so easy to adjust on top-down. I’m thinking Serra; Camille suggested it.