Merry Christmas!

I finished my Silver and Gold KAL project. It wasn’t the lovely silvery yarn from Knitted Wit. I decided to knit another Hoppy Blonde Webfoot for a UO Duck fan, instead. Gold! And I finished a couple days go. It’s blocked and wrapped, and waiting to be gifted. No picture, though; it was dark when I wrapped.

I also gave my Madelinetosh Pashmina Filigree to a dear friend. Two knit gifts, and only one on deadline. Perfect.

filigree curiosity

If you participated in the KAL and would like to enter the drawing for a yarny prize, please contact me by Dec. 31 to let me know. I saw the pattern sales go out, but haven’t heard from you! It’s been a busy month, I know.

We started our Christmas Day with mimosas and Cinnamon Roll Waffles. After seeing this on the web, we had to try it. They were pretty tasty!

cinnamon roll waffles

Wishing you a peaceful day. How are you spending it? We’ll be having 14 at dinner tonight. Prime rib is in the oven and smells heavenly already…Mookie can’t wait!


3 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. Our celebration is almost over here. But, it was a wonderful day. Dinner will be in a few minutes and then for me it’s feet up, needles out! Hope you have a great celebration with your family. It sure sounds tasty!

    • Merry, merry Christmas! I couldn’t find my usual meat thermometer, but I found another one. I didn’t realize it was an instant read thermometer, so when I went to check on the roast, I saw that the thermometer had melted…oops! The guys are on their way over to Grandma’s to borrow hers!

  2. My goodness, that Filigree shawl is just gorgeous! Your friend is very lucky.

    Hope you enjoyed the holidays. Mookie looks quite fetching with that bow!