Ready to steek

You can get a lot of knitting done while waiting for a turkey to cook on the grill…


The checkerboard section in the center is where I’ll be cutting this piece in class on Monday night at Twisted. There’s still room in the class, if you’re a quick knitter and can get your homework done by Monday evening!

We expected our turkey to be done in 4 hours, but it took 6. Such are the vagaries of using a grill to cook a turkey.


It was worth the wait! Our standard sides: potato/carrot/onion/celery stuffing, Brussels sprouts, baked sweet potatoes and apples, rice stuffing with Chinese sausage/oysters/celery/water chestnuts. The rice stuffing is my addition; my Dad used to make it and my kids love it. The potato stuffing is the classic from DH’s family. Something for everyone!

The only hitch in the weekend is that my in-laws were unable to make it. Dad is recovering from pneumonia. He’s much better, but not ready for travel. It’s the first time in 25 years that we haven’t been together, but we did a little Facetime chat. Thank you, technology!

I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with friends and family and good food. What’s your go-to side dish?

10 responses to “Ready to steek

  1. Anything I can pour boatloads of gravy on.

  2. Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving! I always loved stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. But, growing up in an Italian home, we always had homemade ravioli or sausage. I didn’t do that this year, though. I’ll wait for Christmas!

    I wish I could join you on your class. It looks fascinating. But, alas, I’ve rejoined the retail workforce and I’m working that night.

  3. Wow! How big was your turkey? Ours was about 20 pounds and took about 3-3 1/2 hours on the grill. We’ve never done it this way before, but it was amazingly juicy and tender.

    I’d sign up for class, but I think I already learned how to knit and steek this project. 🙂

  4. Making a turkey makes me nervous under any circumstances — can’t imagine doing it on a grill!

    • DH’s family has done it on the grill for years and years. At my house, I’m still more comfortable using the oven! I’m always sure I’d run out of propane.

  5. that’s one massive bird!!
    I’m watching the steek progress on facebook right now so i already know how this turns out!

  6. Our turkey was a slow poke too.

    Our go-to side and the one I absolutely MUST prepare or risk revolt, is bread stuffing.