New knits, stitch marker giveaway

I’ve been knitting like mad these past few weeks. I’ve been swamped with new ideas, and I want to KNIT ALL THE THINGS. And why not?

The most recent knits are two versions from one idea. Remember the lovely Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Hoppy Blonde?


Knit. Blocked. I wore it yesterday, even though I’ve never worn this color before. It’s so enticing that I’m willing to go out of my color comfort zone!


The second version has a lacier border, and is 6 rows from completion in Hazel Knits Artisan Sock Jam Session (the red), just 819 stitches away. No picture yet, but soon. The pattern is written and charted and needs proofing and test knitting.


(And what shall I do with the skein of Splish Splash?)

I love stitch markers for keeping things orderly. Leticia at Starlight Knitting sent me samples of her square stitch markers last month, and they have served me well. She sent along some extras to share. I did share with some of my knit night peeps, but I have enough extra that I think we should have a giveaway here on the blog.

This is a set of Color Play stitch markers that she designed for Sincere Sheep, a favorite indie dyer.


And this set is inspired by Downton Abbey. Can you tell which colors are for Lady Mary, Lady Edith, and Lady Sybil?


I’m giving away both of these sets. Leave a comment below and I’ll do a random drawing for two winners. Because we could all use a little bling for our knitting!

60 responses to “New knits, stitch marker giveaway

  1. Whoo – I’m first! I love that shawl – looking forward to the pattern…

  2. Beautiful lace work. Believe it or not, you look smashin’ in this colorway 😀 Who knows? It could be your next new blue or red.

    Is that one of your cable play as backdrop for the lovely stitch markers? Or one of Nick Epstein’s edging book cover?

    • The color is surprisingly wearable! I love it.

      Good eye! That’s the Nicky Epstein book; it made a great backdrop. Just busy enough, but not so busy that it’s distracting.

  3. Thanks for sharing! They are gorgeous!!

  4. Claudia Jean Roberts

    The yarn you made the shawlette out of is gorgeous. Please put my name in the hat (knitted, of course) for the stitch markers.

  5. Gorgeous! I love that color.

  6. Beautiful Michele! Can’t wait to see the red one too 🙂

  7. very nice. thanks for the give a way for the stitch markers

  8. Debbie McDuffee

    They are beautiful!

  9. I love Hazel Knits yarn and that shawlette! Would love a pair of stitch markers.

  10. I love your shawl – and the pin as well. Is it hand-crafted?

    • Thank you! I love this shawl/scarf too.

      Yes, the pin is handcrafted. I bought it from Purrfectly Catchy Designs at Sock Summit 2009. Not sure if they’re still in business; their website link doesn’t work any more.

  11. Oh my goodness – love those downton abbey markers! So cute! Can’t wait for your shawl pattern to come out.

  12. Love the Hazel Knits colors you picked, that red is just Gorgeous! Lovely scarf too, but you do pretty stuff. 😉

  13. Obviously, the red one is for Lady Sybil, but I’m undecided on the other two — is the pink for Mary, because she’s (at my last viewing, I’m not caught up) blooming as a new fiancee, or for Edith because it’s the palest and most retiring of the hues? Is the blue for Edith because she’s the least femme, or for Mary because she’s a rebel?

  14. such a beautiful shawl! i love the color.can’t wait to see pics of the red one,too.looks like it was beautiful yarn to work with.i bet that either design would look awesome in the blue color,too. the stitch markers are so pretty–i can just see them hanging off of your needles as you knit your next creation.thank you for the opportunity to win a set!

    • Thank you! I’m so surprised I picked this color at Madrona. I originally thought I’d pair it with something else, but it’s so pretty on its own. All of these colors make me happy.

      You’re in the drawing; good luck!

  15. Love the shawl and the color! Hazel Knits has such lovely yarn. I don’t think I’ve ever seen square stitch markers before, but knitting bling is always fun 🙂

  16. Lovely lace knitting. Thanks for sharing the stitch markers in a giveaway.

  17. Darnit!!! I KNEW I shouldn’t have missed knit night! Put me in the drawing!!! 🙂 The gold looks good on you – definitely a keeper. I frogged out a semi-started sweater, and started frogging Ishbel. Soon I shall knit instead of unknit…

  18. Very pretty — both the shawl and the markers 🙂

  19. That shawl is AWESOME!! I already have the yarn picked out that I want to make it with! Lovely! 🙂 The stitch markers are so unusual. I’ve never seen any like those. Very nifty!!

  20. Beautiful lace shawl.

  21. Laurie Westby

    Beautiful shawl – it’s great to see the finished product! Thank you for sharing the stitch markers.

  22. ooh, pretty!! Both the shawl and the stitch markers… (I love, love the square ones!!) No clue on the Downton Abbey ones, as I don’t watch the show, but they’re beautiful. 🙂

  23. scrumpscious posts, you look great out of your usual color zone! and very yummy stitch markers indeed 🙂

  24. Love the scarf! Perfect for fall. I would love to win the stitch markers also. They are beautiful.

  25. Scarf is terrific as are the stitch markers!

  26. Gold is the new you…marvelous knitting job, too.
    Perhaps this time my “number will come up”!

  27. Lovely shawl and such a beautiful color. Very nice with your hair color and so fall! I bought some Hazel Knits yarn in Portland this summer and it would be perfect for this pattern–looking forward to it. I was able to watch Downton Abbey for the first time while I was in Portland also and got addicted to it! Would love to win the stitch markers.

  28. I love my Hazel Knits yarn and like the scarf what pattern is it? Or is it a new one of yours?

  29. I just bought some Sincere Sheep yarn at Rhinebeck! I haven’t been knitting much at all lately, you must have picked up the knitting mojo I lost.

  30. I love your scarf! so pretty. And so are those stitch markers. I’d love to win them!

  31. you really can wear the blonde – especially with a dark top underneath. and of course, i’d love to win some square stitchmarkers.

  32. Lovely scarf and gorgeous little stitch markers! Thanx for the giveaway. 🙂

  33. Great design and interesting stitch markers too

  34. Those lovely stitch markers make mine look so plain!

  35. I really enjoy your blog and I think that color looks very nice one you

  36. Beautiful yarns and stitch markers–we do need bling in our knitting!

  37. Scarf looks like a maple leaf, that I find every day around these parts. Love it! How about entering my Aunt Lorna, the knitter, in that contest. Thanks, Dee

  38. Love the Sincere Sheep set!

  39. How wonderful your scarf is.
    I am just starting a project that needs stitch markers. They are so useful.

  40. I love that color on you; very flattering! The scarf looks great & just love the lacy ends; kinda cool color for fall /leaves turning, etc….

  41. Love this!

    I work with AllFreeKnitting and have been trying to contact you. Please email me if there is a good way to reach you. Thanks!

    Adam Kaplan

  42. That lovely scarf was made with just one skein? … Wonderful! I would love some fun stitch markers rather than the safety pins I usually use 🙂

    • Yes, one skein! I had to frog back and reshape it so that I could have the top edging I wanted and still do it with just one skein. I am the boss of my knitting.

      Pretty stitch markers are so much nicer than cut up drinking straws. I’ve been there, too. You’re in the drawing; good luck!

  43. Love the colour. Beautiful scarf. The stitch markers are gorgeous.

  44. I love the scarf, and the color looks wonderful on you.

  45. A little bling is a good thing! Those square markers are cool.
    Lovely scarf and funky pin.
    Thanks for the giveaway opp.

  46. That really is a lovely color on you. I don’t usually go for that color range either – I always think those tones make me look sickly. Lately though, I’ve been drawn to those colors. It looks so good on you, I might have to give it a shot myself. The stitch markers are lovely as well – – who knows . . . .
    Salam wa sa’aadah

  47. Wow, do I have timing or what? I love the markers — and here I am, back in time for the giveaway. I love the scarf, both the color and the angles of it. Looks great on you!

  48. Just found your site….now I have a lot to read! Shawl is beautiful!!

  49. Oh fun! Love the stitch markers!!! Hey….I always wanted to be blonde…..the color looks nice on you!