To the frog pond…again!

Ripping, ripping, ripping. This is the shawlette I completely frogged at the beginning of the week, and I re-knit it with my intended changes. I love it. So why am I ripping again?


I have my heart set on a particular edging at the top of this crescent shawlette, and there’s not enough yarn to make it happen. I need at least 28 grams, according to the scale, and I have 25. How will I get there? I’m going to change the rate of the short row decreases to make the curve shallower, with fewer rows, and hope that gives me enough for the 6 rows of edging, plus the bind off. Wish me luck!

4 responses to “To the frog pond…again!

  1. Good luck!!! You inspire me to frog a shawlette I don’t like and refuse to wear. Oh, and I wear my OXO mitts everymorning and love them. 🙂

    • Glad you are enjoying your mitts! And if you like the yarn of your shawlette, why not enjoy knitting it…encore? I finished the shawlette (it’s really more of a scarf), and am knitting version B now, in a deep berry purplish red.