Three year socks

I did it. It didn’t take long at all. Why did it take me three years and four months to finish these socks?


I did graft the toe of the second (left) sock. It’s not that I don’t know how; it’s that I knit socks so rarely that I always have to look it up. But I did, and it’s done. It looked enough like the right sock (draw the yarn through the remaining 8 stitches) that it wasn’t worth going back to re-do the first one.

These are a heavily modified adaptation of Cookie A’s Kai-Mei socks. My Chinese name is Lai-Wah, so I named them for myself. You can see a description of the changes on this three year old blog post, if you’re interested.

Now what should I knit? More socks? Another shawl? I want a relatively mindless, portable knit…

10 responses to “Three year socks

  1. Those are lovely socks! I have a couple of projects in line before I knit my next pair of socks – and I can’t wait to get to them! I wish I could have multiple projects going at once, but that would drive me crazy. I guess when I think of a shawl, I don’t think “mindless knit.” But then again, I’ve never knit a shawl. I see many women at knit nights working on shawls and I often wonder how they can keep the pattern in their head.

    I’ve been meaning to ask, are you planning on offering any thrumbelina slippers classes anytime soon?

    • There are simple lace patterns, and complicated lace patterns. I go for the simple, because I like portable projects without pages of charts to carry. Try a shawl; I think you’d like it.

      I will check with Twisted and see about getting a Thrill of the Thrum class on the calendar!

  2. Very pretty. I have the book for those. I should give them a try.

    You know MY vote is for more socks! How about Dragonfly?

    • I think I’ll start some socks, but I already know what I want them to look like. Based on a previous design idea that didn’t quite work out. Better next time!

  3. Don’t feel bad: I’ve been known to be knitting socks on the road and forget how to set up Kitchener stitch. I would simply call my Ft. Worth knitting daughter and get her to read it to me. Now I no longer bug her, bought one of those Kitchener Stitch Dog Tag keychains, and I’m always ready.

  4. the socks turned out great! i can’t wait to see what goes on your needles next! i just finished a lace baby hat.i adapted an adult pattern–my first modifications in both stitch and size. next will be to start on xmas presents,with wristwarmers for my daughter-in-law and socks for my son.

  5. very pretty! love the color. 🙂

    I have a yarn lover’s contest on at:

    you and your readers might want to check out.

  6. sometimes there are projects that really don’t take long to finish, if only we would do it. Nice work – and nice mods. Really pretty!