Kai-Mei meets Lai-Wah

The first Kai-Mei is done, but I’ve named my version Lai-Wah for Ravelry project purposes. The pattern is still essentially Cookie A’s Kai-Mei, but I’ve put my personal stamp on it, so why not give mine my Chinese name?


I love the stitch definition knitting with Louet Gems Sport. The ribs and twists really pop! I chose a different lace for the foot; this is fishtail lace from my 365 Knitting Stitches a Year Perpetual Calendar. (I don’t love this calendar; it only has written instructions, no charts. It was shrink-wrapped when I bought it; how’s a knitter to know? I need a good stitch dictionary; do you have one that you love?)

lai wah right

I think I like Cookie A’s lace panel better; it has a more dramatic holey-ness. This one is more subdued than I anticipated, but once I figured out the panel placement, there was no going back. I think this lace would look more open at a normal sport weight gauge, but I like my socks to be pretty densely knit for better wear, and that made the lace more dense, too.

toe pic

I love how the lace angles across the foot. It’s a little disconcerting that the toe is angled, too, but it’s perfectly comfortable. One down and one to go! It will be close; the first sock weighs 53 grams (love that new kitchen/yarn scale). The skein of yarn is supposed to be 100 grams, but there are 53 grams left. Which means I’ll just make it. Or I won’t…it’s an adventure!

16 responses to “Kai-Mei meets Lai-Wah

  1. It looks great! I really like the way you’ve done cables down the leg instead of just plain ribbing. I finally got my copy of the book yesterday, so I’m inspired by you and Cookie A to start some new socks!!

  2. Very nice! I couldn’t live without my scale.

  3. That is a really cool sock!

  4. Wicked sock! Love it, love it, love it!! 🙂

  5. Fantastic job!

  6. I agree the addition of the cables makes it a cooler sock!

  7. Beautiful sock and I too like the angle the lace makes with the cables. I’ve never thought of using a kitchen scale. So far I’ve had leftover yarn on all my projects. (This may change when I begin knitting more socks for my Niece as she wears a size 9 shoe). Thanks for the info.

  8. It looks great! The angle is so unusual.

  9. I wouldn’t want the lace any “holier” than that. Nicely done!

  10. Oh my! It is so beautiful 🙂 Your chinese name is so much prettier than mine! (it was given to me last minute when I was 18 for a scholarship from my dad’s village.) My brother has a very pretty sounding one too. My dad gave us the names meaning words that he wants us to become. At the moment I can not remember mine, because I honestly don’t get to use it 😦 Haha.

    The sock is so pretty, especially the color. What kitchen/yarn scale do you have? I want to look into something like that 😉

    ❤ Emilee

  11. Pretty! The cables look awesome on it. I can’t wait to knit Kai Mei myself. 🙂

  12. It’s lovely! I’m going to have to do another cabled sock sometime…I haven’t yet recovered from my last pair yet. LOL

  13. Beautiful! I need to jump in & try something out of Cookie A’s book – it is awesome! So much knitting; so little time.

  14. That is a gorgeous sock! Love how you just put your own lace stamp on it! Great job!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous socks – wow!

  16. Interesting looking sock with the lace going diagonal. I hope you have shoes that will show off the sock.

    I still need to get a yarn scale. It’ll have to wait though. I spent too much $$$ on fish … 4% went towards getting George (my Betta fish), and 96% went towards everything else needed for George.