How long does it take…

How long does it take to knit a pair of socks?


I started this pair of socks on April 15, 2009, according to Ravelry. I even blogged about it that week. Apparently I finished the first sock and blogged about that, too on April 21, 2009, so 6 days for a sock.

Soon after, I started a new project, and set the socks aside. Just for a while, I thought. And then I forgot all about them.

Last week, a reader emailed me and asked about the twisted edging on the top of the sock, and I sent her a link. I told her that I hadn’t finished mine, and she encouraged me to do so. I found the sock, figured out where I was in the pattern, and here we go.

lai wah

Let’s see how long it takes!

Oh, what’s that underneath? I bought a project bag from Slipped Stitch Studios. I love the Eiffel Tower, and this struck my fancy.


This drawstring bag is really nice; it has a squared bottom and is lined with a contrasting fabric. And it has two pockets inside!


I think I’ll put my socks inside, and take them knitting en plein air. Voila, La Tour Eiffel is getting to me already!

4 responses to “How long does it take…

  1. Cute pattern on the socks. You should have them finished in no time. You’re already past the hard part.

  2. linda gaylord

    three days for the most basic pair for me,if i do nothing but knit and don’t get distracted by real life! lol! it takes a little longer to do something more complicated,but i confess to never having made any sock that was anything but simple.good for you for taking on lace and socks at the same time! can’t wait to see the finished pair!