Ouch! But better…

It’s been decided. The lovely yarn from Sincere Sheep wants to be a Raspberry Vodka Lemonade. The cardigan is knit from the top down, beginning with a seed stitch collar.

seed st

Miles and miles of seed stitch. Actually, five inches, or 3360 stitches (96 sts x 7 rows/inch x 5 inches). I started on Sunday evening while watching Game of Thrones, and continued Monday evening, reading and knitting. Seed stitch is mindless enough to multi-task; in fact it *requires* multi-tasking so as not to lose my mind! But by Monday night, I was in pain. My forearms were on fire. Time for a break and some ibuprofen.


I was better by morning, so I went on to start the body. It has raglan shaping, as you see here.


The collar and the left front edge look good so far! And I was relieved to see that my tiny gauge swatch didn’t differ from my stockinette gauge once I got the body started. The pattern is pretty intuitive so far, so I don’t need to look at the pattern at all. Happy mindless knitting!

I haven’t finished my Malabrigo merino project yet, but it’s on the home stretch. I don’t have to look at the chart for that any more, either. Woot!

There’s nothing like the joy of a new project on the needles. Let’s see if I can keep up the momentum. I’d love to wear this cute cardigan soon.

What’s new in your knitting world?

13 responses to “Ouch! But better…

  1. I avoid seed stitch whenever possible! I just started the Ivy League Vest (all fair isle) and am obsessed with getting home and knitting it. Then the steeking adventure begins…

  2. Oooo… very pretty. Can’t wait to see it on. Glad your arms survived the seed stitch.

    • The last time I did that to my arms, I took ibuprofen and then kept knitting because it felt better. Duh! This time I waited until it really didn’t hurt before knitting again…

  3. My friend is knitting one too in MadelineTosh Pashmina. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Raspberry looks yummy, delish too. If I weren’t knitting three sweaters this week, I would join you 😀

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

    • I really love the hand of this yarn/fabric! And the mindlessness of the pattern; that’s good for right now. I’ve had so many projects that weren’t take-along knitting, and that’s frustrating when meeting with other knitters.

  4. Pretty! I haven’t started my VL yet – want to wait until my signature US6 are freed up. Now to figure out what I’ll watch during the miles of seed stitch. :0)

    • I thought I’d need a 6 but it turns out I’m knitting on a 5. Odd because last time I knit with this yarn, my gauge was 23 st/4 in on a 5, and I need 22.5, so I went for the 6. Nope. 5 is perfect.

      Just remember to pay attention to your arms before they start to burn! I was so engrossed in the reading that I didn’t notice. Someone tweeted me that seed stitch is carpal tunnel stitch!

  5. I love it!

    Nothing new in my knitting world. Still slaving on boring socks.

  6. I really love how seed stitching looks but I hate to do it. You have the patience of a saint.

    • It’s not really a patience issue; it’s just like knitting 1×1 rib at the top of a sock. And I can absolutely do it on auto-pilot. That’s where I got burned: I was reading and auto-pilot knitting, and didn’t get the message from my arms that it was time to take a break! Oops.

  7. morewithles

    Oooh, I can’t wait to see how this turns out. I’ve had my eye on this pattern…

    • I think it’s a great choice for you and me! It’s super-customizable as to size and length, and you can fit the sides, too. It’s top down, so try it on as you go. I think you and I have both been burned by the “finished my sweater, and it’s just not that flattering” experience. This is our revenge!