How hot was it?

Maybe a little *too* hot to be knitting with worsted. 96 degrees, and the humidity was right up there. But I tried!


We went to St. Louis to celebrate my father-in-law’s big birthday (no numbers, per his request). It’s definitely summer in St. Louis! While we were there, we took in a Cardinals game. Cards won against the Phillies, 3-8.

Dad (Neil) had a birthday greeting on the scoreboard, which was pretty cool. (As I said, no numbers. It was his ??th birthday.)


I played with the picture a bit. Maybe not exactly how it happened, but this sums up the event:


And when I came home, look what was waiting for me!


3 skeins of polwarth/silk dk weight yarn from Sincere Sheep. I bought a subscription in the {Among Friends} yarn/pattern club that she’s doing with Knitted Wit, but I didn’t need to knit yet another version of my Pointer Hat and Mitts (my design is the first offering in this club). I have a hankering to knit a sweet little cardigan for me, and this should give me enough to do so. I’m thinking of Thea Colman’s Vodka Lemonade, Cecily Glowik MacDonald’s Goodale, or Jennifer Thompson’s Garden Cardigan. Goodale is the KAL at JimmyBeansWool right now, but I’m not sure I’d like the shape on me. The Garden Cardi has leaves, and I always love botanical elements. Currently the Vodka Lemonade is winning my affection, but I’m not sure I love the collar. I do love that it’s top down and very customizable for length and shaping. What do you like? What I really like right now is that everything is possible! Beginnings are always fun.

But first, I need to finish the worsted project! Luckily, the Portland weather is a bit more cooperative for this.


And this! Someone yarn bombed the stop sign by the school. It wasn’t me, but I like it. Looks to be at least a size 15 needle…

Did you knit over the weekend? What’s on your needles?

9 responses to “How hot was it?

  1. I like the Goodale

  2. Love the yarnbombing! LOL Someone did A LOT of knitting!

  3. My vote is for Vodka Lemonade – it’s next in my queue to satisfy my Madeline Tosh Sweater Club shipment. Enjoy!

  4. I like Vodka. I started to read your blog a week ago and here is really nice and interesting. 🙂 on last weekend, I started to knitting my first summer flies and it has been great so far~
    my raverly:xiaomin0914

  5. linda gaylord

    i like the goodale.i usually favor simplicity with the possibility of variety…

  6. I’ll be going to visit family in Illinois in July. Illinois in July! Yuck!

    I, too, agree that our Portland weather has been perfect for knitting!

    I am working on making my very last sock for a secret sock knitting project. I’m making 6 pairs of socks for my mother-in-law and sisters-in law. As much as I enjoy making socks, I’m ready to not knit a sock for a while (translate: at least for a week).

  7. St. Louis has always been famous for hot weather!

    I vote for the Vodka Lemonade cardi. It is so classy and cute.

  8. Vodka Lemonade, definitely. and not just because I like the name. 🙂 That is CUTE! Not much yarn either. Hmmm. Might have to dig through the stash and see if I can find about 1000 yards of DK. Same color preferably.

  9. Love the Stopflower — such a cheerful idea!