Crafting Balance: Knitting and Music 3KCBWDay7

Day 7 of Knit and Crochet Blog Week is all about crafting balance. The original question had to do with knitting and crochet, but I don’t really crochet much. I use it for edgings and now for steeking, but don’t really intend to go much further. I’m a knitter! And an occasional beader, too.


But I do look go back and forth between knitting and music. You can tell from my blog header that making music is important to me. Music is the reason this post is late: Sunday was a music day for me, and I needed some time to recover.

My knitting has taken a back seat to music for the past couple months. I was so moved by my experience in Nicaragua that I wrote a song about it. I was inspired by the warmth of the people in the Nicaraguan village where we worked, and also by the group that I was with. The other inspiration was the moon. In the northern hemisphere, a crescent moon looks like the letter C. Closer to the equator, that crescent moon looks like the letter U. It’s the same moon, but it’s all a matter of perspective. The song is called “Grace Unforeseen,” and here are the lyrics (link to recording below lyrics):

Grace Unforeseen
Words/music © Michele Bernstein, 2012

God sent us to meet you, to lend you a hand
We started as strangers; now we are friends
We don’t share a language; smiles were our words
We met each other through the grace of the Lord

The moon shines on me, and shines on you
As you gaze at the moon, maybe I’m gazing too
We are friends around the world

Your lives are so humble; so are your homes
You made us feel welcome, with smiles so warm
“Pueblo” means village, people not a place
Your wealth is each other, your families’ embrace

The stars shine on me, and shine on you
As you wish on a star, maybe I’m wishing too
We are friends around the world

We thank God for water, sunshine, fresh air
The gift of each other, people who care
God calls us to service, in giving, receive
From sisters and brothers–grace, unforeseen

The sun shines on me, and shines on you
God smiles on me, and smiles on you too
We are one in God’s own world

We celebrated our trip in church on Sunday, and I sang this song with some friends. I had a technical issue with my recorder on Sunday so this version (link to recording) is from a practice session. We were outside on a sunny day; you can hear the birds and kids wandering through.

If you look at the word amateur, you’ll notice that the root of the word is love; amateur musicians pursue music out of love for it. I won’t say we’re ever perfect, but we love what we do. Before recorded music, the only way to hear music was in real time. You could go to a performance, or you could get together to make music. It was perfectly natural. Now that we have recorded standards, it’s much more intimidating to make music; we think we have to be as perfect as the music we hear. But music is so ephemeral. At the end of a song, do you remember a fleeting wrong note, or the overall feeling that was conveyed? I’m still learning to get past my perfectionist tendencies, and I think I’m getting there. Finally!

Thanks for reading along. The third annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week has been fun for me, and I hope it was for you, too.

And how was your weekend?

9 responses to “Crafting Balance: Knitting and Music 3KCBWDay7

  1. Nice post, Michele. Beautiful song!!

    • Thank you! It is so much fun to be able to sing it with friends. This is the second song I’ve ever written; the first was last year for Ryan’s graduation, words and chords. But this is the first song I’ve ever written out with notes on a page…progress!

      I’m so much pickier about how I play the piano, too perfectionistic and will never get there. But playing in a group with friends is so comfortable, most of the time.

  2. Beautiful song—love the words! My husband and I travel with a group from church to a orphanage/mission in Baja, Mexico. It has been a wonderful experience each time–so blessed to be able to serve there. God’s grace is totally amazing, and so often unforeseen!

    • Thank you! The experience was eye-opening and life-changing. We are all just people, and it’s so nice to connect with one another, no matter where we are in life. I thought I was going to be the one giving, but I received so much more.

  3. So true about music. My group has been on hiatus for the past few months, but we had an open rehearsal for potential new members last weekend, and we just sang through a bunch of stuff. A lot of people were sight-reading, or just singing a different part than we had when we’d performed it, but it was still fantastic. It’s amazing, really.

  4. Beautiful song!

    One of my greatest joys was watching my son play percussion or bassoon. His face just said it all. He was in love with making music.

    • Thanks, Dee! The same is true for Ryan; he plays the guitar, but hardly ever alone. He loved being part of an ensemble and the joy was in the music-making.

  5. Beautiful lyrics – sorry I missed the live performance. Will look forward to hearing it in person sometime soon. Keep up the good work – you are an inspiration in many ways.