3KCBWDAY2–Photography Challenge

There’s a story here. I’ll tell you about it on Saturday. I promise.


Gotta run!

14 responses to “3KCBWDAY2–Photography Challenge

  1. Well then I’ll stop by again Saturday ;-). You made some very pretty projects!

  2. knittingpirate

    Oh, I am curious…

  3. That picture’s got to be getting a lot of people curious.

  4. Very intriguing … and it’s also blue. 🙂

  5. Intriguing indeed, but I must confess, saying you have a run after showing a photo of knitting that appears to be stitched up made me think of panty hose! 🙂

  6. Is there some steeking going on here ? I need to come back on saturday to find out what this is !

  7. Angela Hockabout - Knit Luck

    SCARY!!!!! To me cutting steeks are like a horror movie. I can’t watch…

  8. Pretty stitches 😀

  9. Is it about steeking??? I’ve tried once, I had a heart attack lol

  10. The fabric is awesome w/the blue and white. Oh boy are you brave to steek!

  11. My comment was essentially going to be what Angela said above. I’m feeling a little queasy just thinking that material getting sliced open…

  12. If that is steeking that does not require a sewing machine, than I cannot wait to hear the story!