Color me…blue

No, I’m perfectly happy. But quick, close your eyes. What color do you think of when you think of me? I’m guessing it’s blue. Look at my blog header. Look at my featured patterns on the sidebar. I think you can see that blue is one of my favorite colors. Here are projects that I wear all the time. It’s a theme!

cable tank front




thrumster set


hat 1


There are more, but I think you’ve got the idea. My other favorites are red and purple, which is just red plus blue.

I love knitting with hand-dyed semi-solid yarns; contrasty variegated yarns where I don’t control the colors and where they land give me the willies. The exception to this is the lovely long color change yarns that work so well with entrelac. And because the dyer has already chosen a color palette that works, I don’t have to be afraid of clashing combinations!

mochi long2

athena redux

lacy midwinter


Notice a preponderance of blue/purple? I’m a creature of habit! What colors make your heart go pitty-pat? Do you like a monochromatic theme, or are you great at combining color? Combos are not my forte; it’s all trial and error. Someday…

Happy Knit and Crochet Blog Week! Today’s theme is…color! 3KCBWDAY1

12 responses to “Color me…blue

  1. I’m definitely also into blue and green. My FOs confirm this … more green than blue. I’m determined to get more red and orange into the mix.

  2. meezermeowmy

    I seem to have all the green that is missing from your wardrobe. 🙂

  3. I wear mostly black, blue and deep forest green, but my knitting is all over the rainbow!

  4. Blue is classic. So soothing.
    Great to find you @ Blog week.
    Ana BC

  5. Love it. The blues are so pretty though. I tend to see blue everywhere also… Love the projects and seeing this post is been a fun addition to blog week.

  6. i have an affinity to blue as well… and grey and mustard/dark yellows tend to dominate. i love all of your finished pieces!

  7. Blue and purple are awesome against your skin. I learned from Amy Hendrix that we need to embrace the colors we’re born with and to work w/them. I’m Asian and have yellow in my skin + warmth in my black-brown hair and brown eyes. Blue and purple and green are cool colors and therefore are more striking w/what I have to work with. This is similar to you as well :O).

  8. they may all be blue but you do some great work

  9. There is nothing wrong with blue!

  10. I love blue but not as much as you know what–Purple. Really I even tried to steer away from purple, jewel tones…Most people think I am great with combining colors. I actually am not…like you said, it’s trial and error. The more I play, the more comfortable I’m with choosing, blending, and playing. And I love your color choices. 😀

  11. Working all in one tone isn’t a bad thing! All of your stuff is in cool tones so your knits coordinate together well. =)

  12. Right now the colors that make my fiber heart go pitty pat are electric royals. (That sounds a bit like the name of an English rock band something.)