The first {Among Friends} club shipment has gone out, and now I can show you what I’ve been working on. If you’re waiting for your shipment and don’t want to see, come back later.

This is Pointer, a fingerless mitts and hat set worked in DK weight yarn.

The design began with the mitts. I knew I wanted to use this sweet loop stitch that I learned in Gayle Roehm’s “Designing with Japanese Stitch Dictionaries” class at Sock Summit. But straightforward columns of loop stitch would be boring, so I graduated the columns to echo the fingers on a pointing hand. I tried a couple different thumb treatments, and this is the one I liked best.

I still had a lot of yarn left after the mitts were done, so I decided to add a hat. I’ve been eyeing berets for a while; it seems like they’re more wearable than other hat styles for me. I don’t like to hide all my hair; it makes me look like an egg! Berets solve this problem by sitting back a bit.


Isn’t it amazing what a good blocking will do? Here are two berets, one before and one after blocking.


For those of you who like a more traditional hat, that option is here, too. I love the loop stitch, so I featured it on the hat band as well as the body of the hat.


I’m really pleased with this pattern, and pleased to be the designer for the launching of the {Among Friends} Yarn and Fiber Club. This club is the collaboration project of Lorajean Kelley (Knitted Wit) and Brooke Sinnes (Sincere Sheep). You can find more information on the pattern on the Pointer Mitts and Hats pattern page. Thank you to my friend Bobbi for modeling!

In the excitement of the launch, I forgot that I had signed up for the club, too. My package came yesterday. Brooke is the dyer for the first club shipment. Her DK weight yarn, Luminous, is 85% Polwarth Wool, 15% Tussah Silk. The color this month is Damson Plum, and it is luscious.


Because I signed up early for the club, there was a special treat included. These stitch markers are lovely!

And clearly, I already have the pattern for this month. I’m currently finishing a pair of mitts in Orchid to match the beanie hat. I have my Azulite and Beaujolais beret and mitts sets in Lorajean’s DK already (same yarn base). What should I knit with Brooke’s yarn? I’m not sure I need another set, but I do love knitting with this yarn base!

4 responses to “Pointer!

  1. Beautiful design. I love the loopy band to accent. I don’t care for tucking all my hair in either but I haven’t found a “good” way to make me look stylish in hats. Beret doesn’t stay on my head. So, I make hats only to give them away 😀

    Love how you carry up the loop stitch on one of the fingers. Nice way to break the repetition without a lot of effort. Lovely set of accessories and luscious yarns. Congratulation on the kick-off of a new club. Sounds like deliciously fun 😀

  2. I super love the mitts!! I am more of a slouchy tam gal than a beret, but that’s just a matter of blocking it a bit differently so that I don’t get such a harsh beret edge 🙂

    Well done! I hadn’t heard of this club…so I will add it to my watch list! I have promised myself a yarn club membership next year!

  3. This is truly a stunning combination of yarn and pattern. I so wish I wasn’t on a strict yarn diet! I hope the pattern will be available some time in the future!
    In other news: I’m stash diving for yarn to make a second Zen Rain!