On the road again…

Where have I been? Not knitting much. I took a trip to Orlando last week to see CollegeGuy. DH was in Orlando working on a project, so I thought I’d just go use his hotel room. I left on Tuesday, but got stuck in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport while waiting for a connecting flight, due to some tornados. I kid you not. At first they asked us to move away from the windows. Then to move to the center of the terminal. And then the sirens went off and they put us in the storm shelters (bathrooms).


I was slightly amused by this, thinking it was a great bloggable moment, but then the storm came through (no tornado at the airport, thank goodness). The sky was really dark, the wind was howling, there was lightning, thunder, and golfball-sized hail bouncing off the windows. And that shut everything down for the night. No flights. When I saw the video of tractor trailers flying through the air, I realized it was way more serious than I had thought.

After a sleepless night in a hotel, more canceled flights, three re-bookings, and three standby lines, I was lucky to make it to Orlando Wednesday night, due to the kindness of an excellent ticket agent. I was flying first class on an award ticket, and she found a first class seat through Miami. I was too fried to knit, but at least it was a nice flight.


I had 2 instead of 3 days to see the Kiddo, but we made the most of it. I took him to Cocoa Beach, because it’s the end of his freshman year and he still hadn’t been to a Florida beach.


It was great to visit with Dee while Kiddo was in class. Look at the UCF Knights snowman she made for me. With beads!


And the trip home was smooth and uneventful. Thank goodness. I knit an entire something, which I can’t show you until the next post. But soon!

How was *your* week?

5 responses to “On the road again…

  1. I have never been through a tornado, but was outside and heard the one that hit Vancouver in 1972. I was also in Salem when the hurricane strength winds of the Columbus Day Storm of 1962 hit.
    I’m glad the rest of your trip was uneventful.

  2. It was so much fun getting together with you. Glad you like little snowman and you got to see our beautiful beach.

  3. We had a little bit of tiny hail. That’s the same as a tornado, right? Seriously, though, glad things turned out OK for you. I’ve never encountered a tornado either, but I was in Halifax for Juan, and that was pretty… exciting.

  4. That is an awesome snowman! Sounds like you had quite an adventure – my week has not been that interesting, did have some hail and thunder in Hillsboro yesterday though!