Playing “Beat The Clock?”

Or maybe it’s a case of March Madness. I’ve been knitting away on my Leif Slipover, wondering if I can finish before it’s too warm out. This morning the weather is suckering me into thinking there’s time.


I’ve finished the left front, and even slipped it on to check shoulder height. It’s OK on, but it may be just too bulky for me. I’m having “meh” feelings. It will take at least a week for me to finish, and I’m not sure I want to invest the time right now.


Should I set it aside for fall?


I ripped out the String Theory on size 3 needles, and started again with a US 5. Now it’s just flying along. Sometimes ripping is just the right thing! This doesn’t look like much right now; the fun is in the finishing. I’ll keep you posted; I’m looking forward to the finished product.

What else? I’m looking forward to the launch of Among Friends, a pattern and fiber club that begins in April. I’m the designer for April! And I can assure you that the design is stellar, fun to knit but not overly challenging or overly repetitive. There’s still time to sign up; the club closes on March 25. See details here. Come join the fun!

And now for the fun: I’ve picked the winner for my blog anniversary giveaway. Congratulations to Linda Gaylord! I’ve emailed her and will be sending her the yarn and VK Socks book.


What’s on your needles, winter or spring?

8 responses to “Playing “Beat The Clock?”

  1. Oh my gosh … those cables are AWESOME! I vote for finishing it.

    On my needles right now … a pair of Spring Forward socks that I have been working on forever. SLOWEST socks in the world!

  2. I’m thinking it’s time to pull out the short-sleeved sweater I’ve been working on for two summers and try to finish it. Will this be the year I actually get to wear it? Time will tell…

  3. If you’re feeling that meh about it, do you really want to finish it. Maybe it really wants to be another project? Especially, if you’re sending it to time out.

    I think I bogged myself down with high expectations and got overwhelmed, so took a week off of knitting. I’ve been spinning this week and evaluating my projects. Think there’s a plan.

    Congratulations to Linda!

  4. I think the Leif Slipover is a really neat design, but in an unfortunate yarn weight. Not many people look good in a super bulky sweater and add cables? That’s awfully chunky for most. (You are so petite, though, that it may look good on you!) The color you chose is lovely though! I wouldn’t worry about it if you decided to rip…you could repurpose that yarn into a quick hat and cowl, easy.

  5. I’m finally finishing the blue Central Park Hoodie that I started for ‘The Geek’ two years ago. I have found the most beautiful buttons – pewter with Scottish thistles – perfect for my college student who hopes to do a semester in Edinburgh in the fall.
    The cabling on your Leif slipover looks beautiful, but I agree with Beverly, such a thick yarn weight can be difficult to wear, although you would ofcourse carry it off well. In the end though you have to decide how much you are in love with it? Maybe the relationship just needs a summer break.

  6. linda gaylord

    thanks,michele! so looking forward to using that beautiful yarn! i will most probably knit it up into my favorite sock pattern–magic loop socks by bev galeskas.the waffle knit texture of the broken rib stitch shows of handdyed colorways just beautifully! i started on a new project this morning,a shawl for my daughter.i had been working on one for her for xmas,but ran out of yarn and couldn’t get more of the,she picked out new yarn and a new pattern–and i just frogged two and a half feet of the old one while sitting outside in the sun this afternoon.trying to decide what that yarn’s reincarnation will be…again,thank you so much for the gorgeous yarn and lovely vogue sock book! ❤

  7. Happy blogaversary! Sorry I missed it. I love the cabley thing, but looks pretty fallish. As I just look out the window and see plum blossoms! Yay!! I’m about to cast on my {AF} in my color way! I should do that tonight maybe!! xoxo

  8. Missed the giveaway by *that* much…. Ah, well!

    Finally getting to work on my “Joyella” sweater with yummy, yummy Jasper ‘Rojo Coralito’ yarn. Why do they always discontinue the good stuff? *sigh* Also getting back into spinning with my spindle. I’m somewhat anxious about plying/finishing — I’ve only done it once, and my singles are turning out really well for being my second ever spinning attempt.

    I also need to figure out how not to tense certain muscle groups up as I knit. Ow. 😦 And then work on speed.

    I *wish* we had the snow that you have right now — too many things are up and starting to bloom for a MN March. I’m just waiting to get slapped up with several inches of white stuff in April!