I’m knitting away at my String Theory. It feels endless. This is great TV knitting, but I don’t watch enough TV to get a lot done. I could probably stop now, but what would I do with the leftovers? We’ll see who wins: the bored me or the thrifty me.


It doesn’t look very exciting yet. The fun will be in the finishing. I can’t wait to get to that part, so the bored me may win out and stop soon. I wish I had taken this project for car knitting last Sunday.

My friend V invited me to go cross-country skiing at Teacup Lake on Mount Hood (or Wy’East, as it was named by the Multnomah tribe). I hadn’t been skiing in about 25 years, since before we moved to New York and back. I do still have my same 30 year old equipment. I’m happy to say it’s all still quite serviceable, although a bit antiquated. Remember 3 pin rat-trap bindings? Got ’em!


It turned out to be a gorgeous day, with none of the forecasted snow or rain. The sun even came out for a while.

the road

I saw a hill that backcountry skiers had been on. The telemark lines look like knitting cables…


It was very nice to get out for the day.

(Mount Hood in the rearview mirror)

How was your weekend?

5 responses to “Endless…

  1. You lucky girl! I love cross country skiing as much as I love knitting. If you again, you must try out the new bindings. They really make a lot of difference.

    • If I start skiing more often, new bindings and boots would be in order. But I’d have to do it more than once every 25 years! I actually like it a lot, but I hate driving in snow. It hardly ever snows in Portland, and when it does, I just stay home. Or take my skis around the neighborhood!

  2. Oh how wonderful! I really miss cross country skiing and your location looks especially beautiful too. Thanks for sharing your ski trip. xx

  3. I’ve got the string theory pattern. Will it be frustrating it to knit all that to unravel it at the end? Just curious.

  4. How fun! It’s been odd days here since I got home late Friday night. We got rain, snow, and sun all in a day. It’s time to make a run out to the mountain and see any sign of winter left. It’s so beautiful on Mt Hood. Thanks for the photos.