Back in the saddle, again…

It’s taken a while for me to feel like I’m back in my own world. Part of me is still here…

I’m finally knitting again. My knitting mojo went awol while I was in Nicaragua. I think I knit six stitches on String Theory while I was away.


I wasn’t really happy with it, and I think I’ve figured out why. I’ve been knitting away at this since I got home.


See all those needles? I’ve been knitting on what I thought were US size 5, but apparently they’re size 3. (A case of “need to start something mindless to take to knit nite. Haste makes waste!) I’m about to rip it all out and start over on a 5. Grrrrr. Completely my fault. At least I didn’t spend a lot of time on it in Nicaragua!

I also found some knitting mojo in my knitting basket this week.

leif skirt

Just in time! I’d like to finish this Leif slipover soon so I can wear it before it gets too warm. I wish I’d looked at Ravelry before starting this project, but I was rushing to take something to take to Crafty Mom weekend last month. Ravelry’s reviews of the patterns haven’t been stellar. Yes, they’re very confusing, but at least the charts are good. I’ve finished the waist and am on to the upper body charts…if I can figure out what happens next in the pattern. If these two projects aren’t cases of look before you leap, I don’t know what is.

I taught Thrill of the Thrum Thursday night at Twisted, and we have six new thrummers in Knit-land! They all opted for Thrumbelina as their project (the other option was Thrumster), and they are looking good. I’m teaching this class next Saturday at Stash in Corvallis (still a couple spots open) and at Wool ‘N Wares in West Linn on the 31st. Come get your thrum on! I’ve started a Thrumbelina as a sample for trunk shows; I don’t have enough yarn to make a pair, but it will be easier on the eyes than my original screaming orange and blue prototype (which has its own charms, for sure. Let’s Go Mets!).


And! Today is the fourth anniversary of my blog, so I’m having a little giveaway. Leave a comment below to play! The winner will receive this Vogue Knitting Socks book, and a skein of merino sock yarn, hand dyed by Larissa Brown, colorway Jules Verne.



Larissa dyed it for Abundant Yarn back in the day, and it’s waited long enough to meet its destiny! (Still not a sock knitter…but maybe you are.) Contest closes on Tuesday night at midnight.

And happy St. Patrick’s Day. This science geeky video will have you celebrating!

35 responses to “Back in the saddle, again…

  1. Your trip to Nicaragua looks like it was really great. Thank you for sharing!
    My Grandma goes to Nicaragua periodically with a group from her church as well- and she loves it!

  2. With a hefty dose of Irish in my background, (my paternal grandfather) and a case of start-and-stopitis,a St. Patrick’s Day give-away tickles me. And I am very much a sock knitter.I just turned the heels on a pair for my granddaughter. The guys in my family are very hard on socks and they have big feet. Sizes 15, 14, and 12 are too big when they really don’t care. So I only make socks for the females in the family.

  3. As a red-headed Irish background girl here I love the St.Pat’s give-away! I really enjoy your blog. My sister makes me knit her plenty of socks so this book would be great for new patterns. Thanks!

  4. I hadn’t looked at the Leif comments but you had almost tempted me into knitting one too. Glad I had some other projects distracting me from starting until you’re finished. 😉

    I finally have a pair of Mrs Beeton’s started after not knitting for almost a week. Hope your knitting goes well!

  5. I love knitting socks and that yarn is my absolute favorite colour!

  6. Ooh, that yarn is pretty. And I still seriously want to buy a piano just so I can take knitting photos on it. 🙂

  7. I am a sock knitter, love that yarn color(s) and the book looks very interesting. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Lillian Henegar

    Thanks for sharing about your trip to Nicaragua. It is amazing to me what we take for granted in this country – running hot and cold water, uninterrupted power that provides us heat and cold depending on the temperature outside, that enables us to run all sorts of gadgets. No wonder folks in other countries think we’re all kings and queens with unlimited wealth! Who else would have heated waterbeds and electric blankets but pampered nobility?! At any rate, the sock yarn and the book look lovely too – socks my answer to cold feet.

  9. You look great among all those kids. Glad you had a good trip to Nicaragua.

  10. Jeanne Baker

    Wish I lived closer & could take your Thrill of the Thrum class – sounds great. Glad you’re back home & love your blog!

  11. Linda Rumsey

    That sock yarn looks gorgeous. It’s a shame you have to rip back your work – something we all have to do but it never gets any easier!

  12. Looks like a great trip 🙂 Sláinte!

  13. Love that yarn! Sorry about the mistake with your project. That’s a lot of work to have to frog.

  14. Ooh, I love the color of that yarn and this is the year I plan to do more sock knitting! No central heating here in Japan and I do get very cold feet! I admire the ways in which you give to others and it has been fascinating reading about your your trip to Nicaragua.

  15. I’m sure it’s hard to adjust after such a wonderful experience! Happy Blogiversary! You are giving away a lovely skein of yarn and a book I’d love to have. 🙂

  16. You had me at Saccharomyces Cerevisiae! Keep up the great work with the stories and the knitting. Love it all. Happy Blogiversary Michele.

  17. linda gaylord

    i’ve been knitting socks for years,because they are the type of present that everyone loves,especially those of us with cold feet! love the color of the sock yarn,and i have several of those lovely vogue books already.i know what it means to have to rip out a project once you’ve started–but that beats the bejesus out of having to frog it once it’s finished! i knit a jacket last year,and when i went to sew the pieces together,they didn’t match up! that taught me a lesson on both the gauge and the pattern schematics before i start casting on.happy anniversary on your blogging!

  18. Your projects are simply gorgeous. I love your color choices. And the Jules Verne yarn–yummy! Knitting socks is addicting!

  19. Yeah! Happy anniversary. Tonight, as I was putting my girls to bed, HDM who is 7, said, do you think I could get a pattern from Michelle? You know, one of those shawl patterns? I told her I still had one and she was fine. But you have impacted a super newbie knitter in your 4 years. Congrats!

  20. That is a lovely blue! I’d love toe netr the draw please!

  21. What did we ever do with out Ravelry? Really, I *try* to always look at the comments on a project when I start something, and I have decided against something before because of the comments of others. Thanks for having this contest!

  22. Rona Smith-Coburn

    Great to see the pictures of your time in Nicaragua. That is one Sock book I don’t yet own. Your color choices are always appealing.

  23. I would love to be the proud owner of the sock book and beautiful lsock yarn. The beer song is hilarious.

  24. Happy anniversary!!!

  25. Congrats on 4 years & for “getting your mojo back”!!!

  26. Congratulations on your 4th anniversary!

    I know the feeling of having cobbled together a project for on-the-go and then finding out something about it isn’t quite right!

    I am a sock knitter — but you already knew that!

  27. Happy anniversary and thanks for the great giveaway! I’m in the process of knitting 6 pairs of socks for my women in-laws (mother-in-law and sisters-in-laws). I think I need a pair for myself after all that work!

  28. Welcome back. I can see why part of your heart’s left behind…Glad to see your knitting mojo’s back regardless the misadventure. I have done a few of those moments–grabbing the wrong size of needles. But at least, you now have the pattern memorized and it will fly off the right needles quickly 😀

    It’s interesting what you say about Leif slipover. It’s not my habit to check for errata or comments from others’ projects. For me, I cast on very spontaneously and like the “first-time” thrill and feel I get when tackling on a project without additional input. Though I really ought to since they are easily accessible and could save me a lot of undue headache, I guess. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

    I’d love thrum knitting but our winter has been too mild for it. But, they may be needed comes July 😀 After all, I am talking about Central Oregon…you’ll never know.

    Are you serious to give away that gorgeous hand-dyed blue!! That’s your color, girl. Jaw-dropping. I LOVE your photo presentation with the single tulip. It’s just too beautiful beyond words. Happy anniversary 😀 And so glad to see you back.

  29. Oh I LOVE that blue. 🙂 Me! Pick Me!!!
    Re thrumming: I have been thinking of doing some thrummed mittens. That just seems cozy.

  30. It looks like you had a wonderful, heart opening time. Spending time on a charity project is definitely on my bucket list. I am sad that you’re struggling with that pattern and I LOVED it in Interweave & wanted to make it as well!! I will hold off & see what your feelings are when you complete it.

    The sock yarn is gorgeous. My plan is definitely to knit a few pairs of socks this year, I have only knit one pair so far!

  31. Congratulations on making it to a four year anniversary. I am still catching up on old posts. I love the friendliness of your writing.

  32. Love the Nicaragua picture best. A kid at heart!

  33. No, I won’t play, but congrats on four years blogging. OMG, we started at the same time, except you have a million hits – that’s how we “met.” You write well and do a lot of good things to make a great blog. Best from Dee.

  34. Congratulations on 4 years! Thanks for the giveaway. That yarn is gorgeous and I love knitting socks!

  35. Oh cool! Love the yarn! I bet it is hard to come back to “normal” life. Hysterical video!