Outside my window

I finished knitting my design project this morning, and I love it. I can’t show it to you yet, though. It’s a secret! The next step is to write the pattern, so I’m chained to my desk, doing so. (Or maybe I’m really just blogging and thinking about pattern writing. Bad dog, no biscuit.) But I looked out my window, and this is what I saw.


Maybe we need a closer look.


Between this and the two coyotes I saw in the street outside my house last night, it’s an urban wild kingdom.

Back to work…

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9 responses to “Outside my window

  1. That’s as great as the cougar in my back yard!

  2. I’d be careful. It looks as if they are plotting something sinister!

  3. Probably watching you type and hoping you’ll log into online banking so they can get your password. Raccoons are like that.

  4. They are the most arrogant and annoying critters. Good thing I haven’t have a run in with them since we moved here (can’t say the same for my friends live down the hill from me though.) I get a lot of gray squirrels that drive my dogs nuts every day and every hour!

  5. I saw a raccoon race across our street (in urban San Francisco!) this morning in broad daylight. Yikes!

  6. racoons! In the wild! Aren’t they lovely!

  7. So cute! Hard to believe I just pointed my point and shoot camera through the window, and got Wild Kingdom!