Knit Nite

I’m part of a knitting group that’s been meeting for several years. It started with an intarsia class that met with Leigh Radford, and continued to meet after that. We met again last Wednesday.

Even though I’m a fairly monogamous knitter, sometimes I need a no-brainer project to knit around other people. Wine and conversation can really mess up a complicated lace pattern or a current design project! I’m at a “must think, chart, write this down” moment on my current design project, so I cast on a simple hat for DH. It’s in MadelineTosh Merino, which is worsted weight superwash merino, 4.5 sts/inch. The color is called Kale, and it is a reddish brown wonder. The depth of the color is luscious.


(Before you ask, no, knitting with dark yarn on dark needles doesn’t bother me. I knit mostly by feel, rather than looking at what my needles are doing. I love my ebony needles, even if I’m not looking at them! They feel and sound great. If I need to see my dark knitting, I’ll knit with rosewood, but ebony is my favorite.)

Cathy of Lantern Moon was just back from the TNNA Winter Trade Show, and she brought some new books for us to see. They’re from the Fyberspates Scrumptious yarn line: Saturday Treat by Ysolda, Scrumptious Knits by Carol Feller, the Scrumptious Baby Collection, and the previous book, the Scrumptious Collection. Fun!


Cathy even brought back an autographed copy of Ysolda’s book for me. Thanks, Cathy!


I love being part of a knitting group. We compare projects, swap stories, help each other with techniques, and laugh a lot. And of course, there’s food. We meet in our homes and always have a potluck dinner. It’s a good group of people, and I love being part of it.

Are you in a knitting group? Do you meet in homes, libraries, knitting shops? What’s your favorite thing about your knitting group? If you’re not in one, do you wish you were?

11 responses to “Knit Nite

  1. Ysolda’s Saturday Treat collection looks great!
    I have tried out knit night at several local yarn stores – the best so far have been at Dublin Bay and Yarnia. Generally I just get together with a few friends and knit at a coffee shop or someone’s home, nothing formal.

  2. It was a very fun night – Knit Night is always a highlight!!

  3. We have a great knitting group at my LYS. We meet once a month at the “Knit In” and the food is always terrific! Made so because we vote on the best dish and the top three winners get gift certificates to the store. Not a bunch, $15, $10, and $5….but hey, it counts right? The competition is fierce too. At the Knit Ins, we break into even smaller little groups. I’ve been sitting with the same 7-9 people for a few years now and we always have a blast! Knitting friends are the best…except when they ask, “What happened to that sweater you were knitting last year? Did you finish that shawl?” Then, I just want to knock them upside the head… ifyouknowwhatImean. If I want to “forget” a project, who are they to remind me????

  4. So cool. I hope to go to next year’s one. My knitting groups meet at book stores and a Sanctuary at a local community center. It’s perfect outlet for me getting out the house and a nice distraction…On Thursdays, my good friend and I usually have lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant after our knit-up. I get to walk it off on my way home all uphill…I just don’t know what I would do without my support groups.

  5. Wow, your knit group sounds like a lot of fun! I haven’t gone in a few months, but our knit group used to meet twice a month in the basement of a local church and then moved to the new town library when it opened (nicer to sit in front of the fireplace-hee, hee). I actually found out about it through Ravelry. It certainly is good to find like-minded crafters.

  6. i’m with you on the dark yarn, dark needles thing. I knit by feel too. The only time it has any impact is when I’m not doing easy knitting. Me, dark yarn, dark needles is a struggle.

  7. Someday I’ll be in town for your Knit Night! I was part of a great group that meets weekly, at a local supermarket in their coffee bar area. I have since moved and have joined another group that also meets weekly (at the Asilomar Conference Center!)

  8. Oh goodness, what a lovely hat-in-progress!

    My work schedule (12-8 PM) and the fact that we’re a 1-car household means I don’t belong to any knitting groups. When I was knitting in a group, I didn’t feel like I belonged anyway — I guess I’m just a lone crafter!

  9. I have met some wonderful ladies in an Adult Ed knitting workshop. We meet every week. It did take a long time to become good friends though. Now I have occasional tea parties where I invite them over, and we feast on scones & little sandwiches & pots of tea. When we’re finished eating, we knit!