I’m a winner!

On New Year’s Eve, Slipped Stitch Studios had a drawing for a giveaway on her Facebook page, and I was the lucky winner! Here’s the very nicely made pattern wallet.



And it also snaps inside out to stand up as an easel. (no picture, I took these this morning and now it’s too dark to do another)

When I perused her etsy store, I decided that I needed some magnetic bookmarks to help me keep my place in my pattern, so I ordered some to go in the same envelope. These coordinate perfectly with the winter theme.


And look at this cute button she popped in! Don’t tell anyone, but for most accessories, I think it’s true. Sweaters are another story, though.


I think I met Laura at TNNA last January and loved her stuff, but most of my patterns live in my phone. I can see how this could be more convenient, though. (Not having to unlock the phone, open iBooks, find my pattern, the page, enlarge…)

Go check out the store. There are lots of cute project bags, pattern wallets, and more. Thank you Laura!

6 responses to “I’m a winner!

  1. Congratulations on winning this cute wallet!
    Heehee, er, I have a bad habit of complying with the button. It makes me happy to know there are others who rebel against swatching for everything. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I bought one of her project bags at Sock Summit and I absolutely love it.

  3. Congrats! Cute wallet! Love polar bears and your new starry line markers are just perfect with them.

  4. I’m a crazy fan of hers! I have a few bags and two pattern keepers! I love all the coordinating pretties

  5. How cool…nice ensemble. I love the seasonal theme too. Like you, I rarely work off pattern from paper, but, when I do, it’d be nice to have this to keep my place 😀 Congratulation on the win.