Selfish Knitting…fail.

I’m having a little problem with my selfish knitting. Here’s what’s on my needles right now.

oxo mitts

The first mitt feels great. These mitts were going to be selfish knitting, for me, but then I realized that I need them as a sample for a trunk show. Does this mean that it’s not selfish knitting? I’d really like to wear them, but I also want them to look nice later in the month. I’m seriously thinking of knitting a third mitt, so I can wear the first two and still have one to show. I’ll have to weigh my yarn and see if there’s enough for three. Or see if Lorajean has a little more left in this color!

My other selfish project was the design that I had going in my head for the Arroyo yarn . But is that no longer selfish knitting if it’s going to be design work in this yarn weight for a club instead?

And the potential gift for DH…that’s definitely not selfish knitting.

Foiled again! But it’s all enjoyable, so I guess the truly selfish knitting will have to wait. Do you have any selfish knitting going on this month?

15 responses to “Selfish Knitting…fail.

  1. My knitting is all selfish, all the time! Really anxious to finish the sweater I’m knitting and then get started on a hat/scarf/mitten combo.

    My definition of selfish knitting is: if I get to wear it, it’s selfish. So the trunk show mitts maybe not, but the design work, sure!

  2. Honey, you need to work on being selfish. :p

  3. SUCH a pretty color. Even if you give the knitting away, you still had the enjoyment of the knitting.

    I’m ALL about the selfish knitting right now; a cowl for me and another pair of socks for me. It’s all about ME this month.

  4. I was so looking forward to my own selfish knitting, but wanted to clear up lingering items that needed to be finished up first. Turned one item into a frogged item and making them into something totally new. Still need to deal with one other item, but there’s no rush and I really don’t want to mess with it, it too may be frogged and turned into a different project.

    I have commission projects for a friend that was waiting for the holidays to be over I need to get started. I also told Lorajean that I’d knit up a hat for her.

    So there’s a bit of a delay on my selfish knitting darn it! 😉 Mine is also with Lj’s delicious beaujolais or I’d offer you some of mine. I need all I have until I get my Slinky Ribs knit to be sure I have enough though. Good luck with yours!!

  5. My knitting is usually selfish, but right now I have a pair of socks on the needles that keep whispering they want to belong to my mom, another pair I’m designing and hoping to send away when they’re all grown up, and a cowl that is not at all my style but just looked like it would be fun to make. No idea where that will live when I’m done with it.

    I’m with Dee, though: no matter what you do with the FO, you can be selfish with the pleasure of knitting time. 🙂

  6. Well there’s a vest that has about an inch done but everything else is for the new babies. So not so much selfish knitting.

  7. Beautiful color and textured cables. So, can you not wash and block the pair to shape for the trunk show later in the month? I do that with my shop samples 😀 After all the work, I like to wear for a short while (at least once) out before sending it to shops. I will do the serious bathing, conditioning, blocking, the final touch then and send it off. LOL You should give it a try. Then no worry about knitting the third. No selfish knitting for me this month. I have a vest to cast on after the kids are in bed tonight, another sweater test knit, some design concept I am ironing out….maybe a new test for Lantern Moon? 😀

  8. I have one knit up! In that color!! So wear away my friend!

  9. I thought I was doin some selfish knitting by whipping up a shawl. . . Turns out it was “just the thing” my sweet MIL needed. At least I have the pattern down now!! 😉

  10. It takes me so dang long to knit anything that it HAS to be selfish knitting!!!

  11. Really, selfish knitting is knitting what you want, when you want, for who you want. If you really want to make it, that’s selfish enough. It doesn’t matter who the recipient is as long as you’re the one who decides.

  12. I am making fingerless mitts too. First time designing, third go-round with the mitt. Hopefully this next time will work. My office is hideously cold so often that I need them at work. Inside. I like your design and will probably make some like yours, but I want to do some designwork first.

  13. Doing better than me. My selfish knitting is still neatly wrapped as 6skein of gorgeous cream Viking alpaca wool in a box. My darling hubby bought it for my birthday in July 2011! Total fail!!!

  14. Why not use gently worn mitts in your trunk show? It’s encouraging and somehow reassuring to see items in a show that are honest-to-goodness actually worn and loved. Plus, it’s a good testament to how well an item/yarn holds up with use. 🙂

  15. Almost all my knitting is selfish knitting. If its on my needles and not for me its for my baby. My fiance has been wanting a scarf for a while now and he has finally given up on me, bought himself some yarn and a loom and is making one himself!