Nothing to see here…

I’m knitting away on a couple of projects, but nothing I can show you right now. How about if you look at this instead?


My friend, ex-co-worker and fellow Day Old Pastry Joanne gave me this lovely box of Alma chocolates. They are gorgeous, and taste even better than they look. The flavors: Thai peanut butter cup (ginger, lime, Thai chiles, red volcanic sea salt), Mexican chocolate truffle (chile de Arbol & cinnamon), Bourbon (the copper colored one), Habanero crown, Deux pistaches, mint diamond, salted peanut butter cup, whiskey caramel, Sabrina (fig/marzipan), rosemary fleur-de-lis. Can you match the description to the chocolate?

The occasion? I was honored in church last Sunday for my work there over the past 10 years. I “retired” in June; the Teen’s graduation and our impending empty nest made me feel like it was time for a change. I’m now spending more time at my knitting activities: designing, teaching, blogging, tech editing. I love it!

We have an addition to our Kindle family. Yes, DH is a kindle junkie. Big old Kindle goes to CollegeGrad. The middle one is mine; DH gave it to me for my birthday last year. The new little one belongs to DH. Do you think he’ll get a Kindle Fire when it comes out? Place your bets!


And because I can’t leave you without your daily dose of fiber:


Don’t they look like cupcakes and frosting?

8 responses to “Nothing to see here…

  1. Change can be rejuvenating.Best wishes for all your new projects.

  2. I thought they were See’s Candies. The names are spicy creative.

    Hubby has a hang-me-down Kindle that he loves. Me? Still prefer a good old-fashion print. It’s ironic. A friend who owns an used-book store went to a library sale last week and only spent $400. Typically, she would easily fork out $500+. The one before last was the same. She thought it was odd but didn’t pay much attention. Now, she realizes it’s the trend. Thanks to Kindle. Used books are harder to come by. I told her it’s actually good for her. It will become her niche for people like me who would not own a Kindle will rely her expertise. This reminds me of a ex-co-worker/friend who used her typewriter for way too long before she was forced to give it up for a computer. Will books become obsolete? A future world without books? Oh my…

    Those fibers are luscious. Are they from Lorajean? Roving and yarn cakes together…they shout Ice-Cream 😀

    • I do love print knitting books; there’s something about the pictures and the smell of the ink that makes me happy. But for portability and not having to hold pages open? Kindles are great! I didn’t think I wanted one; DH gave it to me for my birthday last year. It’s been handy, but not the same as paper. I like reading for book club on it. I can knit and read, and not have to prop a book open!

      Yes, fibers are from Lorajean (Knitted Wit), the merino knots. Her multi-color braids are even prettier!

  3. I certainly devoutly hope that printed books stick around for a good long time, but as I do much of my reading in transit and I read some rather large (and therefore heavy!) books from time to time, I’m definitely planning to acquire an e-reader.

    The new kindle touchscreen one looks pretty swanky, though. It’s about time they came out with that.

  4. So much to comment on!
    Love the chocolates. I’ve only ever had regular chocolates so these sound so exotic and delicious.
    I had a Kindle 1 but couldn’t resist the Nook Color primarily for the fact that I could put PDFs on it and my patterns looked gorgeous. Now that the Kindle Fire is out I may be switching teams. Again.
    As for the fiber? Yum!

  5. Those chocolates sound absolutely decadent!

    I haven’t done the Kindle thing yet, but I must admit …. I’m leaning that way. LOL

  6. Knitting and reading is the best thing about e-book readers! I have a Nook Touch, and I adore it. I read 4 books while on vacation, and they all fit in my purse. 🙂

    Those chocolates sound lovely! I love spice + chocolate. Mmmmmm!

  7. No kindle here either, but enjoy your transition to other interests. I am seriously missing my many cookbooks in air-conditioned storage halfway across the country for 2.5 years! Nothing better than curling up on the bed with a down comforter with 5-6 cookbooks and coming up with menus. D