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Nothing to see here…

I’m knitting away on a couple of projects, but nothing I can show you right now. How about if you look at this instead?


My friend, ex-co-worker and fellow Day Old Pastry Joanne gave me this lovely box of Alma chocolates. They are gorgeous, and taste even better than they look. The flavors: Thai peanut butter cup (ginger, lime, Thai chiles, red volcanic sea salt), Mexican chocolate truffle (chile de Arbol & cinnamon), Bourbon (the copper colored one), Habanero crown, Deux pistaches, mint diamond, salted peanut butter cup, whiskey caramel, Sabrina (fig/marzipan), rosemary fleur-de-lis. Can you match the description to the chocolate?

The occasion? I was honored in church last Sunday for my work there over the past 10 years. I “retired” in June; the Teen’s graduation and our impending empty nest made me feel like it was time for a change. I’m now spending more time at my knitting activities: designing, teaching, blogging, tech editing. I love it!

We have an addition to our Kindle family. Yes, DH is a kindle junkie. Big old Kindle goes to CollegeGrad. The middle one is mine; DH gave it to me for my birthday last year. The new little one belongs to DH. Do you think he’ll get a Kindle Fire when it comes out? Place your bets!


And because I can’t leave you without your daily dose of fiber:


Don’t they look like cupcakes and frosting?