Zen Rain KAL done; time to celebrate!

The Zen Rain KAL is done! Thanks for knitting along. I look forward to seeing several of these at Sock Summit on Saturday! I’m having a meet-up in the Knitted Wit booth from noon to 1 p.m. on Saturday, with a Zen Rain photo op at 12:30 p.m.

I had a little giveaway drawing for KAL finishers on Ravelry. princessruffian wins a set of stitch markers made by moi (guess I should go make them!) and Alyssa wins a Lantern Moon needle case. Congrats!

What else is going on here? Lots and lots of this!


I have five blueberry bushes, and each one puts out a gallon of blueberries. They all came ripe this week, and I’ve been picking, picking, picking. Mostly they go into the freezer for later use, but I’ve made two blueberry cobblers (recipe here) this week. One was for the piano & pinot party last night at my house. Beautiful music, lovely wines, and a plethora of desserts (cheesecake, caramel bourbon sauce, chocolate raspberry torte, butterscotch chip shortbread, chocolate dipped strawberries, and the aforementioned cobbler, with vanilla ice cream).


The other cobbler went in a picnic to the Indigo Girls Concert at the zoo.


Portland sparkles when the sun comes out!


I spotted this person drop spindling behind me, and introduced myself.


Her name is Sari, and she was spinning up some lovely fiber from Abstract Fiber. Sari will be at Sock Summit next week, too. She’s participating in the fleece to foot contest. Knitters and spinners are everywhere. Small world!

3 responses to “Zen Rain KAL done; time to celebrate!

  1. What about Blueberry Boy Bait!
    I’ll miss you at SS. Paula and I will go Friday morning, before the rest of her family arrives.

  2. Sari is awesome! Come to Portland Spinnerati in August (second Tuesday of the month at Urban Fiber Arts). I’m sure that cute turkish delight spindle of yours has a nice layer of dust it would like you to blow off. 😉 (Oh, I’m teasing, I know you’d dust if off if its sitting out.)

  3. i’m really sorry i missed out on the KAL. TdF took over for me! But I’ve got the pattern and am itching to make it when other commitments are met!

    I’m so envious of your blueberries. I’m planting some this spring!