Sock Summit is just around the corner…

And I’m so looking forward to it. I’m taking several classes, hanging out in the marketplace, and generally having fun. I’ll be at the Knitted Wit booth on Saturday from 12 to 1, and hope you’ll come by and say hi. We are planning a Zen Rain photo op at 12:30 that day. I guess I should finally block my Zen Rain that I knit with Alpha B Luxe so I can wear it! My Bling version is currently acting as a shop model at Twisted. Good thing I have several versions.

The City of Portland has proclaimed next week as Sock Knitting Week. How cool is that?

Although I’m still not knitting socks with fingering weight yarn. Maybe this year I’ll be inspired to overcome my tiny needles phobia…

16 responses to “Sock Summit is just around the corner…

  1. I was only able to get into 1 class per day, So that leaves plenty of time for shopping!

    • I only wanted one half-day class per day! Last time I had a lot of classes, and it fried my brain. Just hanging out and doing the marketplace is great.

  2. I’m getting super excited!! I have one more dye batch, zen rain, and I’ll be ready to rock and roll!

  3. Oh I bet you’re going to have so much fun, you lucky! Wish it was closer to me.

  4. Oh that is SOOOO cool. You know that means you’ll HAVE to make some socks. Fear not the teeny-needle!

  5. Enjoy the Sock Summit! I’m seriously jealous. I’d love to go sometime. And don’t be afraid of socks with little yarn….it’s easy and so much fun! You are an excellent knitter and should have NO phobia about it. 🙂

  6. you know, I’m not sure i ever knew that you had a tiny needles phobia! I urge you to try it – when you see those tiny stitches all stacked up on one another it’s such a joy! The fabric is breathtaking!

    That is so cool that the city is celebrating sock week. Knitters will take over the world!

  7. i have GOT to come to portland one day (even though i’ve only ever knit 4 pairs of socks in my life). what a city! what a mayor!

  8. Hey, that’s neat about the city proclamation. And enjoy your time at sock summit. I wish I could go too (heck I wish I could go to any fiber event, LOL). Have fun!

  9. How cool? Way cool! It sounds like so much fun! Have a great time and I look forward to your reports.

  10. FUN…FUN…FUN. How cool in an epic way! Sock knitters will be recognized 😀 And you are having your very own special party. Wish I can be there to see Zen Rain in person, oh well. I will be thinking of you all when I am at Wallowa Lake all week.

    Those tiny needles aren’t that intimidated once you get a hand on them. You’ll be so happy when the tightly woven fabric on your feet and the durability…boy…My 2-year-old socks still look brand new 😀 It’s so worth it.

  11. I’m only at Sock Summit Wednesday through Friday. I planned to wear my Zen Rain on Thursday to show it off. Did you want it for the Saturday photo shoot? I think I could entrust it to you. You could pass it back to Rachel to get it back to me afterward. We have an SCA event over the weekend, and I’m arriving to it late on Friday or I’d be there.

  12. OMG! You will have no trouble with tiny needles. Believe me, you do lots of knitting that is way harding that size 1’s and 2’s!

    My Zen Rain is coming along nicely!

    Have fun at SS!

  13. I’m excited too! I have homework to do though that I haven’t begun and may not start until I’m on the plane, we will see. I’ll have to come by and say hello!