Rain, and community supported yarn

I forgot to show you; these are the buttons I bought for the Heather Hoodie cardigan.


I think they’re called Steampunk. I scooped five of them up at Twisted on my way out of town before Crafty Mom weekend, and hoped they would work. They are a perfect fit.

Still haven’t blocked the hoodie. The thought of 2+ pounds of wet wool isn’t exciting me right now, and I’d have to wait for it to dry. It’s been raining and blowing like crazy here, yuck. But I do have new rain gear. I bought these at the local high school auction on Saturday. I saw them when I was helping set up on Friday, and I knew they had to be mine.


Perfect for this week! A big thank you to The Arrangement (my go-to shop for gifts) for donating these lovelies to the Grant High School auction.

And here are the shoes I didn’t buy. NBA Portland Trail Blazer Greg Oden’s signed size 19’s (at least), next to my 6.5. Yikes.


Here’s my yarny spotlight of the day:


My friend Lorajean (Knitted Wit) has a cool idea. You’ve heard of CSA farms, where you buy a share and then get produce all through the growing season? She’s proposing CSY/F: Community Supported Yarn/Fiber. If you buy a share, you’ll get 5 deliveries of either hand-dyed yarn or hand-dyed fiber (your choice), at a discount. This is a way for her to get capital to invest in new yarns and fibers to dye for her customers. Her products are gorgeous! You can read more about it here. For me, this works better than CSA produce, because my yarn won’t go bad before I get to it. I’m in!

6 responses to “Rain, and community supported yarn

  1. Awesome buttons. Surprise I didn’t see them at my visits to the store. Were they new? I also saw it somewhere on blog world recently. I can completely relay to the wintry blue. My 4+ pound wonder has finally dried! Love the new rain gear, you sure score. Do you know the maker? The size is hilarious. I feel that way sometimes standing next to hubby LOL This reminded me when I was in high school, hanging out at band practice during football games and standing in midst of a bunch of football players (use your wild imagination…I was literally a midget…No Joke!)

    Terrific idea on fiber share! She should get Nobel Prize for this one 😀 Beautiful yarns! I love knitting with it.

    • I don’t think the buttons are new. They come in a couple metallic colors. I really like them; they’re very weighty and stand up well to the Lamb’s Pride Bulky.

      I don’t know the maker on the boots/umbrella, but you can get them at The Arrangement on 42nd and NE Fremont when you’re next in town. Oh, and a belated thank you to The Arrangement for donating to the Grant High School auction!

  2. Great buttons! And a very cool idea.

    The rain gear is perfect! Although, it’s too windy here for umbrellas. /sigh


  3. Yep, those are steampunk buttons. Aren’t they awesome? I’ve bought some to incorporate into jewelry. Steampunk is the current trend in jewelry. It’s a cross between science fiction/fantasy and Victorian England. I love the look!

    I’m almost done with my Summerflies Shawl, so I’m looking forward to the release of your new shawl pattern.

  4. Those boots… oh be still my heart.

    Raining down here in Eugene too. Then we get sun. Then wind. Then hail.


  5. I love the steampunk buttons! I am fascinated by steampunk fashion. And your rain gear is adorable!